Crestwood FFA Banquet

Farm Family of the Year
Doug Berg of Kiwanis, back, presented the Vanette and Travis Grover family (with Brettyn, Kate and Judd) the Farm Family of the Year Award.

Wow! The FFA program just keeps getting better and better thanks to instructor Mike Adams. The program has grown since Adams took over in 2006-07. This year, there were about 215 attending the annual banquet on March 15. High School Principal Tim Felderman agreed. “Mr. Adams’ enthusiasm for ag rubs off on the kids.”

After a great meal served at Heritage Events Center, it was time to give out awards to deserving students, former students and community members.

High School Guidance Counselor Trish Harman handed out the Dr. Norman E. Borlaug Scholarship. She said, “He was an exceptional man and made a profession out of agriculture.” She said Crestwood graduate Tara Moellers, the recipient of the scholarship, had some of his qualities, such as patience and skill.

Doug Berg of Kiwanis awarded Travis and Vanette Grover and children, Brettyn, Kate and Judd, Farm Family of the Year.

It is always nice to see students doing well and being rewarded for that, so the rest of the banquet was spent recognizing FFA students.

Chapter Degrees were given to Rachel Stika, Kayleigh Hauber, Kaytlan Langreck, Tyler Rue and Travis Rue.

Top FFA members in each grade included:

• Outstanding Greenhand—Abby Huhe

• Outstanding Sophomore—Kaytlan Langreck

• Outstanding Junior—Dalton Martinek

• Star Chapter Degree—Tyler Rue

Top Fruit Sales was given to Abby Huhe for selling $1,228 and second to Dalton Martinek, who was just $15 shy of that amount. The other top 10 sellers were Nathan Tieskotter, Kayleigh Hauber, Jessica Curtis, Kaytlan Langreck, Shay Peckham, Natalie Knobloch, Rachel Bowser and Michael Lensch.

Proficiency Awards went to:

• Nathan Tieskotter, Ag Processing Award

• Derrick Andersen, Ag Services – Placement

• Travis Rue, Beef Production Placement

• Cole Stika, Beef Production Entreprenership

• Jennifer Huhe, Dairy Production Placement

• Michael Lensch, Dairy Production – Placement

• Dalton Martinek, Diversified Crop Placement

• Tyler Rue, Diversified Ag Production

• Austin Lewis, Sheep Production Entrepreneurship

• Kaytlan Langreck, Swine Production Entrepreneurship and Diversified Livestock Production

• Kayleigh Hauber, Diversified Livestock Production – Ent. and Small Animal Production

• Kate Grover, Equine Science – Placement

• Natalie Knobloch, Equine Science – Entrepreneurship

• Rachel Stika, Poultry – Placement

• Danielle Baldwin, Landscape Management

Top 10 Merit Point Honors were earned by Dalton Martinek with top honors and Nathan Tieskotter as runner up. The other eight points went to Kaytlan Langreck, Tuff Dykstra, Kayleigh Hauber, Tyler Rue, Travis Rue, Abby Huhe, Jacob Langreck and Natalie Knobloch.

Gold Certificates were given to Dalton Martinek, Nathan Tieskotter, Kaytlan Langreck Tuff Dykstra, Kayleigh Hauber, Tyler Rue, Travis Rue, Abby Huhe, Jacob Langreck, Natalie Knobloch, Rachel Stika Vanessa Thomas, Jason Malven, Bronc Dykstra, Brettyn Grover, Rachel Bowser, Jennifer Huhe, Danielle Baldwin, Michael Lensch, Mike Bronner, Robert Miller Kate Grover, Jessica Curtis and Karlee Grabau.

Silver Certificates were given to: Alex Andera, Shay Peckham, Jonathan Gardner, Morgan Bowser, Tori Van Dyke, Ann McGee, Dakota Gooder, Austin Lewis, Taylor Rice, Drew Pietan, Bryce Hruska, Jessica Burke, Jayme Sobolik, Savanah Foltz, Hailey Bodensteiner, Ciara Drtina, Alan Mork, Abby Panoch, Alex Hauber, Derrick Andersen, Emi Frohn, Abby Hovey, Cole Stika, Logan Wiedeman and Logan Brenno.

Bronze Certificates were given to: Brooke Bodermann, Garrett Grabau, Megan Tlusty, Jared Gragert, Corey Kaeser, Dakota Schnur, Michael Langum, Brandi Novotny, Janel Bolson, Shianne Throndson, Laine Fitzgerald, Taylor Watson, Cole Kriener, Dustin Butterfield, Jacob Johnson, Kourtney Smith, Tommy Roberts and Alex McDonald.

When you see these young people out and about, tell them “Good job.” They deserve it!


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