LS is Burma Shave community

“Our Iowa” magazine has a promotion where one community in each county is given Burma Shave signs, with the final sign being “Our Iowa Magazine.” Lime Springs was the chosen community for Howard County.

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Children’s Theatre Troupe to perform this weekend

Cast members
If you think the cast can ham it up in a picture, just wait until the play. Front: Austin Johnson, Veronica Fuentes, Kristin Kuhl, AnnaMae Leverson, Mattie Slavin and Emily Roberts. Back, left to right: Nicole Klomp, Kara Dornink, Steven Dietz, Tommy Roberts, Savannah Roberts, Amiah DeWolf, Jennifer DeVries, Arielle Engelhart and Laine Fitzgerald. Not pictured: Chelsea Miller, Alisha DeWolf and Dusty Ruggeberg.

The Lime Springs Children’s Theatre Troupe will be trying something different this production. Instead of one play, they will be performing two shorter plays.

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If we sand it, will they come?

The volleyball courts near the Lime Springs Pool need updated.

. . . or will it stay unused?

Unlike the movie about baseball, the Community Club did not embrace the idea of updating the volleyball courts at its April 16 meeting.

Last year, nobody was found to step forward to take over the volleyball tournament at Sweet Corn Days. Marcie Klomp did some research and found that not many teams wanted to play on the courts since they were in poor shape.

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Sweet Corn Days events

“I’ll be the number one man for the number two business,” joked Ed Hampe. He offered to be in charge of porta potties after the unexpected death of Arnie DeRuiter, who had been in charge for the past 15 years.

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Omelet breakfast for pool

It’s that time of year again. You can kill six birds with one stone.

First bird: You can get a great meal on Sunday, April 29. From 8:00-noon, the Lime Springs Boy Scouts, Community Club and Pool & Park Board are serving an omelet breakfast. There will be omelets with your choice of fillings, muffins and beverages.

By giving a free-will donation for the breakfast, you are helping out the pool. So, dig deep in those pockets!

Second bird: New this year is a free-will bake sale. The bake sale isn’t new, but the free-will part is. You can even bake something to donate.

Third bird: You can purchase season tickets to the pool. There is a $10 off deal for families during the omelet breakfast. Usual cost is $100, but April 29, family tickets are $90. Single tickets are $5 off the $50 regular price.

Fourth bird: Sign up for softball during the breakfast. All ages of kids can sign up for summer softball. The skills team is for youth ages 5-7; super peewee is 8-9; peewee is 10-12; middle team is 13-15; and big team is 16-18.

Coaches are also needed. Help make a memory for you child by coaching him or her in softball. Think back to your own childhood and remember how fun it was to do stuff with your mom or dad. Life is busy, but is it too busy for your kids?

Fifth bird: Although the pool supports shopping local, it’s always fun to go out of town once in a while. How about going to Rochester for a meal? Or maybe you work in Rochester. The Pool & Park Board will be selling Rochester coupon books for $20 at the omelet breakfast. About half the cost of the book is coming back to the Pool & Park, and there are some great coupons.

Sixth bird: Also for sale will be fuzzy scarves by Mary Schatz. Remember, Mother’s Day and graduations are coming up.

Make sure you bring your checkbook and mark a couple things off your list of things to do by coming to the omelet breakfast on Sunday!

Evans to speak about ‘The Generous Embezzler’

Eileen Evans will give a program about her book, “Cy Thomson, The Generous Embezzler,” for the Howard-Winneshiek Genealogy Society on May 3, at 7:00 p,m, in the meeting room at the Cresco Public Library.

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LS Council to raise water/sewer

by Marcie Klomp

Lime Springs City Council has finally figured out how to budget and is raising water and sewer rates to keep up with expenses and updates of those two departments. At the council meeting on April 3, the council decided to raise rates 10 percent in addition to the 10 percent already figured into the budget.

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