Crestwood HS practices lockdown procedures

Cresco – Crestwood High School students, teachers, and staff carried out a practice lockdown exercise at Crestwood High School on Tuesday, March 27, 2012. The exercise was carried out in order to insure that all students, staff, and personnel would be familiar with the necessary actions and procedures should an actual emergency situation occur at or near the high school.

Additionally, members of the Crestwood High School staff, the high school administrator, as well as the Cresco Police Department and K-9 units from Mitchell, Clayton, and Fayette counties, performed a search of all high school areas and the high school parking lots using drug-detecting dogs.

Some high school staff and personnel were utilized to secure the various points of entry during the lockdown and search. Students scheduled for college courses during the lockdown were secured at the high school; students already at the college were secured in the college building.

The search was designed so that few, if any students, encountered the drug-detecting dogs, nor was the educational process for the students disturbed, per the high school’s lockdown procedures.

The search simply involved narcotic detecting dogs 
moving systematically through the school building and parking lots in an attempt to uncover any 
illegal substances.

Tim Felderman, the high school principal, reported that he was happy with the results of the practice lockdown and search. “Nothing was found on school property and this speaks well of the quality of students attending Crestwood High School.” he stated.



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