Let the planting begin!

Farmers have been in the field getting ready for April 11, when they could plant corn and have them covered by Federal Crop Insurance.

April 11 marked the first day farmers could plant corn and be covered by losses from Federal Crop Insurance. If it frosts or the corn doesn’t come up, the farmer would be covered if the seed was planted on April 11 or after.

With the seemingly early spring, Dale Schwade of A&K Feed & Grain in Lime Springs said some farmers have already planted corn in small amounts.

Even after April 11, Schwade commented he didn’t expect a lot of planting. “The bulk will be planted in a more timely manner.

There is less risk when planted from April 16-May 10 and the ideal planting times are April 25-May 5. They will produce the best yields.”

Schwade, who also farms, said more rain will be good, but, “We’ve got enough moisture to germinate the crop. As the saying goes, ‘plant in the dust, the bins will bust.’”

So, be prepared for those large pieces of farm machinery to be on the road for the next month or so.


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