LS Council to raise water/sewer

by Marcie Klomp

Lime Springs City Council has finally figured out how to budget and is raising water and sewer rates to keep up with expenses and updates of those two departments. At the council meeting on April 3, the council decided to raise rates 10 percent in addition to the 10 percent already figured into the budget.

For years, upcoming expenses, repairs and updates were not figured into the water and sewer budgets. The city was basically flying by the seat of its pants when something needed repairs with nothing left in reserve for replacing antiquated equipment.

Unfortunately, the city is now being hit hard as equipment after equipment is needing repairs or replacement.

Council person Corey Gates stated, “I think we have to go with 20 percent.” The increase will be voted on after a public hearing at the May 1 meeting and will begin with the July 1 billing cycle.

On the day of the meeting, none of the aerators at the sewer plant were working, including the six-month-old one, and neither were the pumps. Assistant maintenance person Ed Hampe joked, “Nobody flush your toilet!” Some technicians were to be at the plant on Wednesday.

On Thursday, Hampe said the new aerator was working again and three more were fixed, so Lime Springs went from zero to four in one day!

Hampe also said the pump for the sewer that was ordered over a month ago was installed and the other two pumps were fixed. The switches were bad, which forced Hampe to manually start the pumps off and on during the outage time.

In regards to water leaks around town, Mayor Barb Robinson said the mains have not been tested yet because they need to be done when there is no breeze.

It is thought there is a leak at the Paul Lidtke residence that should be fixed. Any other possible leaks should be called into City Hall.


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