Children’s Theatre Troupe to perform this weekend

Cast members
If you think the cast can ham it up in a picture, just wait until the play. Front: Austin Johnson, Veronica Fuentes, Kristin Kuhl, AnnaMae Leverson, Mattie Slavin and Emily Roberts. Back, left to right: Nicole Klomp, Kara Dornink, Steven Dietz, Tommy Roberts, Savannah Roberts, Amiah DeWolf, Jennifer DeVries, Arielle Engelhart and Laine Fitzgerald. Not pictured: Chelsea Miller, Alisha DeWolf and Dusty Ruggeberg.

The Lime Springs Children’s Theatre Troupe will be trying something different this production. Instead of one play, they will be performing two shorter plays.

The talented group of youth will be acting their hearts out on Friday, April 27, at 7:00 p.m. and on Saturday, April 28 at 2:00 and 7:00 p.m. The show is once again being performed at the Lime Springs United Methodist Church.

The first play, “Beauty IS a Beast” is a fun one for the group. Beauty might be beautiful on the outside, but she’s ugly on the inside. See what happens when her fairy godmother turns her inside out.

In the second play, “Peggy, the Pint-Sized Pirate,” Peggy is too short to be a pirate, but when all the other pirates are captured by a sea monster, she is the only one left who can help.

Between the performances, as the actors and actresses catch their breaths, there will be games for the children to play in the fellowship hall.

Before each play popcorn and water will be sold. Refreshments will then be served after the second performance. Free-will donations are accepted.

It is best to purchase tickets before the Friday night show because patrons will save money! Tickets are $5.00 before the show and $6.00 at the door. They can be purchased from any cast member or at Lime Springs Library.


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