If we sand it, will they come?

The volleyball courts near the Lime Springs Pool need updated.

. . . or will it stay unused?

Unlike the movie about baseball, the Community Club did not embrace the idea of updating the volleyball courts at its April 16 meeting.

Last year, nobody was found to step forward to take over the volleyball tournament at Sweet Corn Days. Marcie Klomp did some research and found that not many teams wanted to play on the courts since they were in poor shape.

Long-time organizer of the tournament Greg Lichty told her bluff sand is the way to go. The cost to replace six inches of sand with bluff sand is $430, times two courts.

The club discussed if it would be prudent to spend $1,000 on the courts. Basically, would people come to play on the updated courts or would they stay empty?

The courts are the property of the City, but it can ill afford the expense either.

As it stands, the group decided to wait on making a decision. If anyone is interested in seeing the courts updated, contact a member of the Community Club to voice your opinion.


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