Council hires maintenance person

Casey Sebastian is the new maintenance worker.

by Marcie Klomp

Casey Sebastian was hired as the new maintenance person for the City of Lime Springs. He replaces Dennis “Navajo” Grabau, who retired earlier this spring.

Sebastian started the week before and jumped in with both feet. He said, “I owe Ed Hampe (assistant maintenance person) a big thank you.” Hampe showed him the ropes.

The two also have three aerators working. “I got one from the basement working and would like to get another from the basement to work. There are now two working aerators in the west lagoon and one in the east.”

He said Iowa Rural Water was still planning to try to detect where the water leaks are when the weather cooperates by being still, with little or no wind.

Sebastian is currently testing for iron in various parts of the water system. The well house building is in very bad shape. Equipment and pipes are very corroded and need to be replaced. Figures are scary as the least expensive alternative will be $300,000 and if the iron filters are not working properly, it could go up to $1 million.

Sebastian found he has little or no tools needed to do even basic repairs. He has no gloves. Then he joked that he did have three left-hand ones!

He and Mayor Barb Robinson made up a list of tools and equipment that should be on hand, and he was authorized to purchase needed supplies for up to $500. The list will be reviewed at the next council meeting.

He was authorized to order a load of rock from Balks to fill in potholes around town. Council person Gary Klomp was asked to pick up 10 bags of cold patch blacktop material and see how far it goes.

Council person Kevin Bill will order a dumpster for metal from LeRoy Iron and Metal so the maintenance can get some piles cleaned up on City property.

Sebastian concluded by saying he was all ears for input. “I guess I’m also going to learn to be a softball coach. And omelets were good!”

In other maintenance business, Marcie Klomp asked if the new maintenance person could help take cans over to the Cresco when he made a trip for the city. “All the can money goes back to the pool,” she said. The council thought that would work.


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