Pool/parks updates

Ed Hampe is working on the roof at the pool.

The Lime Springs Swimming Pool cannot be made ADA compliant explained City Clerk and co-chair of the Pool and Park Board, Carla Moser.

Sandy Chilson did extensive research. “We cannot make the pool ADA compliant. Rails for wheelchairs would cost $20,000 and a lift would have to be put on a new cement slab that would be a water hazard and obstruct the view of the lifeguards. We will have this information documented in case we would get inspected.”

The pool restrooms will be compliant by the end of this year. The new roof going over the concession/restroom area will help with the longevity of the new plumbing.

The Council approved the five applications received for lifeguards—Alex Hayes, Nicole Klomp, Jacob Thomas, Lattie Crozier and Erik Busch (who can’t start until his 15th birthday on June 11). Ads for guards went in the local papers again hoping for a few more applications.

The board is planning to open Memorial Day.

Two nice benches were ordered for Brown Park in memory of Tom Fritcher. They will be installed soon.

Grants from Grace Hughes were requested from the pool, Brown Park and ball park.



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