Chester, LS Post Offices saved from closure

The Chester Post Office will be staying open!

On May 9, the U.S. Postal Service said it is abandoning, for the time being, its plan to close thousands of post offices in rural locations, including Chester. Instead, the hours the office is open will be shortened to either two or four hours. Lime Springs will likely have shorter hours also.

The USPS initially talked of closing 3,600 post offices this year. Chester was on that list. Lime Springs was on a list to not close the office but move the rural carriers to Cresco, according to OIC (Officer In Charge) Dolly Hovey.

Chester OIC Carl Haayer said, “It looks like we will probably lose a few hours, but it sounds like we’ll be open for a while. They’re being pretty secretive.”

Hovey commented every post office that is level 15 and smaller will have window hours cut. “Lime Springs is level 13. It will probably go from eight hours down to four, but not immediately.” The last she heard was changes wouldn’t take place until summer of 2014.

Obviously, the USPS may look at the smaller post offices in the future, but for now Chester and Lime Springs are safe from closure.


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