Directory at Pleasant Hill Cemetery is Roberts’ Eagle Scout project

By Marcie Klomp

Thanks to a young man’s dedication to Scouting, those visiting Pleasant Hill Cemetery this Memorial Day can find where their loved ones are buried without much trouble.

For his Eagle Scout project, Tom Roberts of Lime Springs made a directory of all the residents of the cemetery located just east of Lime Springs. A 9 ft. x 10 ft. building houses a map and the directory, which shows the four sections of Pleasant Hill. Names are in alphabetical order within those sections. Roberts said, “The directory also gives the row, block, lot number, whether the person is a veteran or not and birth and death dates.”

He went on, “We put in a skylight because it helps bring in light. We thought about electricity, but this was a really good way to go.”

Roberts gives credit to the various businesses who donated products and money and fellow scouts and others who helped with the grunt work! He started the project July 15, 2011 and finished Oct. 20. “It was a great experience to do this project,” he commented.

The project was a culmination of everything he learned and worked for over the past 10 years.

His mother, Rita Roberts, explained, “Once upon a time, a long time ago, in February 2002, a couple thought what fun it would be to enroll their son into Cub Scouts, Troop 121 in Lime Springs—little did they realize that young man would grow into an Eagle Scout, the highest rank achievable!”

She and hubby Tony watched as their only child joined scouting in 2002 as a Tiger and went through the ranks becoming a Bobcat and then a Wolf that winter. In December of 2003 he advanced to Bear.

Roberts became a WeBeLos in March of 2005 and crossed over into Boy Scouts in 2006. He travelled up the ranks of Tenderfoot, 1st and 2nd Class, Star and Life Scout, along with his dad, who is assistant Scoutmaster.

He has achieved the mandatory merit badges necessary to include camping, citizenship in the community, nation and world, communications, emergency preparedness, environmental science, family life, first aide, personal fitness, personal management and swimming. Tom has earned the Arrow of Light award and Red Flannel award.

He achieved merit badges in art, auto maintenance, basketry, chemistry, computers, cooking, fingerprinting, fire safety, fishing, leather work, railroading, reptile and amphibian study, rifle shooting,

shotgun shooting, snow sports, wilderness survival and space exploration.

Tom has enjoyed his time in Scouting. “I think Scouting is really good. It gives boys something to do that’s positive and teaches you things everyone should know—like using what you have and being happy with what you have.”

One of his favorite activities was going to camp. “Camping is fun, unless it rains a lot,” he laughed. “There’s always something for boys to do there.”

Tom’s time on this side of the Eagle Scout award is nearly complete. All he has to do is turn in his project by his 18th birthday on Oct. 15, 2012 and wait for final approval from the Winnebago Twin Rivers District.

Tom can also be seen around his home town, trying to make a difference as he has learned through his parents’ example that a community cannot run on funds alone – it takes dedication and volunteerism to make things happen. He is a member of the Lime Springs Junior Community Club, Lime Springs Children’s Theatre Troupe and the Silver Cord program through Crestwood High School.

Roberts can also be found at his parish, Notre Dame, in Cresco, giving back to his faith family with his stewardship to his church.

He is currently a junior at Crestwood and plans to join the Army upon graduation. Scouting will stay with him on the other side of the Eagle Scout Award as he will get an instant rank up by being an Eagle Scout. “They like getting Eagle Scouts in the military. They already have leadership skills and survival skills. It’s not knowledge that every person has.”

Rita says, “Scouts have given him a direction, and he understands what following something through to the end is all about.” He will surely use the life lessons he learned as he makes his way in the world.


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  1. dear Marcie Klomp: Im interested in my mother Alice Rabenburg Caslavka died in January of 1942 in pleasenthill cemetary east of Lime Springs Ia. If there is empty lots by her grave site? Her son. Allen P. Caslavka

    • Is this an emergency or are you just asking? I will get you an answer, but how soon do you need it?

      • no emergancy, just interested if there was empty lots next to my mothers site. Her son Allen P. Caslavka

      • I passed on your information to Donna Ihns. She said she had replied to the email you sent to me. If you didn’t get her info, check your spam file. From my understanding, the lot was owned by the Presb. Church. The cemetery board may be willing to work with you, but you would need to get in touch with Donna. Thanks.

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