Plant then replant corn

Nothing is more discouraging than having to start over but that’s what area farmers had to do this spring. Corn planted between April 23-27 wasn’t tough enough to stand the cold, wet conditions of late April.

Farmer Matt Miner had to replant about 100 acres. “ Soil conditions were perfect when we planted.” Then the cold and rain hit the area. “I’ve heard cold rain and weather can [ruin a planting], but I never had taken much stock in the fact. Now I do!”

A&K Feed & Grain’s seed salesman, Luke Johnson observed, “The area hit was mostly a little east of Lime Springs and west to the other side of Riceville and north to the state line to a couple miles south of Davis Corners.” That included about 3,000 acres of his customers’ seed and he figured another 2,000 acres to boot.

It was just the weather pattern at the time which caused the seed to imbibe or absorb the cold water which hurt growth. “We got a lot of rain which packed the soil, making it a really cold environment for the seed.”

Farmers who signed up for the “best” Federal Crop Insurance are able to get some of their expenses back on the replant.

Johnson said the second planting will probably yield less, which was a study done by Iowa State. “They say you have yield loss the later you plant. This isn’t too late, but it’s a little late.” He also said you never know about the growing season. This second planting could do the best. He added, “We’ll make good corn yet. It’ll also stagger our harvest out a little bit.”



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