Lost calf being cared for

Suzie the calf stands in a dog kennel at the Sue and Nathan Keim farm.

“I saw her standing up in the ditch when I took my dog to the vet, and when we came back it was still there,” said Sue Keim. “I went back to check on it before 5:00 and it was still there.” She wanted to give her time to go back inside the fence, but she didn’t.

She found the hours-old calf between Greenleafton and Cherry Grove on Monday, May 21. She could tell it was born that day because of the wet navel.

“I called my neighbors to see if she was their’s, but nobody has claimed her yet.”

Keim called her husband to get some milk replacer, since the family had not had beef cows since 2005.

Keim thought it was a twin and nobody noticed it. “Sometimes the mama will push them under the fence because they don’t want them,” she explained.

She and neighbor boy Christian Millette picked up the calf and brought it back to Keim’s home. Christian named her Suzie. “I guess after me,” laughed Keim.

Right now Suzie is sleeping in a dog house in the Keim’s kennel. “I’ll keep feeding her until someone claims her. We’ve taken care of calves in the past, so I know how to take care of her.”

Lucky for Suzie she was found by Sue. Who knows how long she could have survived on her own?


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