Boy Scout Chicken BBQ

One of the wonderful traditions for Lime Springs and area is the 32nd annual Boy Scout Chicken Barbecue on Father’s Day. This year is no different as the Scouts will be starting the coals at about 6:00 a.m. on June 17, so everything is ready by 11:00, when the dinner starts.

And hey, Dad doesn’t need another tie, so buy him lunch at the shelter house at Lidtke Park on Sunday!

History of the barbecue

The very first ecumenical church service was held the weekend of Lidtke Mill’s grand opening during the bicentennial year of 1976. Every year after, it has been held Father’s Day.

The folks of Lime Springs are always thinking. If a bunch of people are in one place for any reason, the general concensus is, “If they come, we will feed them.” So the Buckwheat Pancake Breakfast was born. The breakfast was held on Father’s Day until a few years later when it was decided for Lidtke Mill to use the breakfast as a benefit for the mill.

Well, folks still got together and still needed some nourishment, so the chicken barbecue was held. The sponsorship of the barbecue was given to the Boy Scouts to raise money for their projects in 1980. That first year they also served ham.

Costs for those first meals were $3.75 for a half-chicken and $3.00 for a quarter-chicken.

Over the years, the price has changed, but not the taste of the chicken. Yummmm! Check it out on Sunday!


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