City working with Lime Springs Beef

Tary Kolek and Casey Sebastian gave the Fire Department and Maintenance Reports, respectively.

By Marcie Klomp

The City of Lime Springs is working with Lime Springs Beef on water treatment. Jason Passmore of Howard County Business and Tourism and George Tekippe, city engineer, were on hand at the June 5 meeting.

Passmore explained, “Jesse (Stevens) is back in New Hampshire and asked me to speak for him. His one potential concern is with [wastewater].” Stevens has a consultant coming in the near future to discuss what would work best with the city and new business, that is locating near the Travel Plaza.

Tekippe expressed his recommendation to have the waste treated at the facility rather than have it go all the way through the sewer system and then need treatment at the plant. Then it could be much more costly to the city. He added, “Flow, you can handle. The quantity is not a problem. We have to watch the quality.”

Passmore noted, “Jess would be more than happy to work with this.”

One thing that would help the “quality” part of the sewer plant is having more aerators working. City maintenance man Casey Sebastian said he had three working now, and he just got the parts to get a fourth aerator working the past week.

The projected cost of the Lime Springs Beef facility is $6.08 million.

Maintenance Report

• Sebastian was given the authority to reasonably order supplies when needed. After the last Council meeting, Council member Gary Klomp got some cold patch for the roads, which Sebastian used right away. He waited until the meeting to ask to order more.

• Besides filling pot holes with cold patch, he has been filling gravel spots. He admitted he did not have the equipment to fix Jones Street (the dead end of Steve Johnson).

• “The pool is up and running. We’re trying to fix the repairs that were done temporarily in the past and make them more permanent,” Sebastian explained.

• A new weed eater with chainsaw attachment.

• Several complaints were received about needing dust control on the gravel road by Spring Apartments. A four-wheeler has been going up and down the road creating dust for the residents. The city decided not to put any dust control on any street in Lime Springs because of the cost of 50¢ per foot.

• Sebastian suggested getting new water meters. A considerable number of the meters in town are beyond their service life and should be replaced. He suggested starting with the meters at the water tower and two of the meters at larger businesses in town.

According to numbers, the average amount of water used by individual residents is higher than that of equivalent homes in Cresco. Sebastian believes the older meters are not working properly.



Fire Department/Board Report

• In the absence of the fire chief, Tary Kolek gave the report. He said the new truck needs plates and the air conditioning doesn’t work at present, but otherwise it is ready for service.

“Casey Sebastian was voted in as a member, and he now has his gear,” Kolek said.

He informed the Council Lime Springs, Cresco and Protivin Fire Departments were invited to an appreciation dinner put on by Gosch’s after the departments responded to a fire at their business in Cresco.

Library Report

• Mary Stevenson gave the report saying there were two new town patrons and one country for the month of April. The art show and open house in May were well-attended.

“The outreach program at the day cares is done for the summer, and the Summer Reading Program is starting on June 6,” Stevenson commented.

• She noted Bingo was the most popular after-hours activity at the library. At the last Bingo night, there were 25 participants. “So we are going to have Bingo again on Saturday afternoon of Sweet Corn Days.”

• Stevenson and Jill Johnson asked the Council to allow unspent budget money from the library be saved for next year to help pay for a new boiler.

Community Center Report

• City Clerk Carla Moser said the cement in front of the center was done and paid for by Dale Schwade, Jerry Johnson and C US Bank. Money left over from the grant will also go to pay for the cement.

• The Community Center was given a baby grand piano by Donna Ihns. It will be a permanent fixture.

Pool and Park Report

• Moser said ADA compliancy was set back until January of 2013 and “will probably get pushed out indefinitely.”

• She noted, “The open house was a huge . . . flop.” The day was rainy and on the cool side. Hopefully the weather continues to heat up to keep the numbers of swimmers rising.

• The roof is almost done.

Other Business

• The City is providing $300 per month for insurance for its two full-time employees, Sebastian and Moser.

• Duane Copeman needs to go to the pool and park board about getting a statue put up at the ball field.

• The carnival for Sweet Corn Days is a go. Dale Schwade has agreed to let the carnival set up in the area where the ATV Pull was held in the past.

• After receiving a complaint, a letter will be sent to a resident who has a fire ring and starts a fire in it almost daily and then leaves for the day. The ordinance states all fires must be attended to.

• A dog owner in town was taken to court for having a dog that is a nuisance. Five days later, the dog went into a neighbor’s yard and snarled and growled at the owners’ grandson. The owner was charged again.

Another pet owner is getting a letter for letting their dogs run loose.

• A liquor license was approved for KCDs.

• A cigarette permit was approved for MK Travel Plaza.

• Help is needed watering plants. Contact Butch Burnikel to take a turn.

• Dangerous trees will be reviewed by Dusty Burnikel.

The next council meeting will be Tuesday, July 3.




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