Just sittin’ n’ spinnin’

McKenzie Mork, center, spins some wool into yarn while Chip Kuhl, left; mom Ann; and Abby and Ashley Hendrickson look on during Buckwheat Pancake Day on June 2.

McKenzie Mork is keeping an old tradition alive—spinning wool into yarn. She got interested in the handicraft when she saw it while visiting Vesterheim Museum in Decorah.

The family found an old spinning wheel in Grandma Mork’s barn and fixed it up. Now McKenzie is a spinning machine!

She takes the wool from their angora rabbits and spins it into yarn. She describes the process. “You make the pedal go up and down. That moves the wheel, and it pulls the wool after you’ve stretched it.” She says you have to use little strands.

McKenzie takes lessons at Blue Heron Knitting in Decorah. It might look easy, but her mom, Ann, says even she can’t spin it. “I can take care of the animals, though,” she smiles.

McKenzie gave a presentation on spinning as a 4-H presentation and is now learning how to crochet so she can make a lap quilt.

While most people are looking for the next best thing in technology, the youngest Mork is learning how to make a quilt from scratch! How many kids do you know who would enjoy that? Not many.


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