Pedal Pull a hit with kids

Alex Moser gives his all at the Kids’ Pedal Pull in Chester for Old Settlers Day.

The Kid Power Pedal Tractor Pull, sponsored by Partners In Progress. is always a big hit with kids and adults alike at Old Settlers. And it doesn’t hurt it is held under the nice shade trees near Chester City Park. A total of 43 kids participated. Winners of the pull held June 9 are:

Age 4—1st – Rose Niewoehner, Lime Springs; 2nd – Ava Payne, LeRoy; and 3rd – Logan Jackson, Stewartville

Age 5—1st – Atlee Hershberger, Decorah; 2nd – Izzy Nagel, Chester; and 3rd – Broch Voyna, Cresco

Age 6—1st – Hunter Schellsmidt, Caledonia; 2nd – Mason Diemer, Chester; and 3rd – Ethan Payne, LeRoy

Age 7—1st – Joy Beran, Lime Springs; 2nd – Grace Kennedy, LeRoy; and 3rd – Alex Haney, Lime Springs

Age 8—1st – Addy Hershberger, Decorah; 2nd – Wesley Soltau, LeRoy; and 3rd – Bryce Shea, Chester

Age 9—1st – Cameron Sobolik, Lime Springs; 2nd – Aleah Hackman, Lawler; and 3rd – Grant Kennedy, LeRoy

Age 10—1st – Gavin Murphy, Lime Springs; 2nd – Austin Schellsmidt, Caledonia; and 3rd – Bobby Ostrom, Chester

Age 11—1st – Mathew Bagen, Lime Springs; 2nd – Hunter Fousek, Chester; and 3rd – Ross Niewoehner, Lime Springs


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