Countdown to Sweet Corn Days

Gary Klomp, Chad Langreck and Dennis Langreck, along with Curt Tienter, not pictured, put up the Burma Shave signs after the Community Club meeting.

Between now and Sweet Corn Days, Aug. 10-12, the Lime Springs Community Club is just making sure it has all its ducks in a row. After 30 years, the town’s celebration works like clockwork . . . or at least it seems to thanks to all the helpers who tackle an event or just help at several booths throughout the weekend.

The Community Club met on June 18 to go over chairmen and make sure everything is under control.

Although there hasn’t been any communication with the carnival man, it has been verified the carnival is coming and will be set up on Dale Schwade’s land just west of A&K’s office, in the grassy area that had been used for the four-wheeler pull in years past.

In preparation, Ed Hampe ordered an extra four porta potties.

Another new event is the Bean Bag Tournament, which Dennis Langreck will be running out of the beer garden.

One of the concerns of the group is where the ears of corn will be stored after they are husked. Anyone with any ideas should contact a club member.

The kids train will be coming on Sunday, sponsored by K&H LP.

Don’t be surprised if a club member approaches, asking if you would be interested in heading up a committee for next year. Several chairmen who have been in charge for many years are stepping down, and to keep Sweet Corn Days going, someone is going to have to step up.

• In other business, some members spent the day after the meeting putting up the Burma Shave signs across from Pleasant Hill Cemetery. Check them out!

• Mary Bielefeld was elected to be the Community Club’s representative on the Community Center Board, replacing Jill Johnson.

• Beverley Copeman, Martha Sue Delabruere and Marcie Klomp of the Welcoming Committee showed the finished Welcome Bag. The bags will be given to newcomers to Lime Springs and have a variety of gift certificates and information from the different businesses and groups.

• A work day is to be scheduled for landscaping in front of the Community Center.

• Lois Bronner volunteered to bring treats to the July 16 meeting.


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