PO—Not closing, but reduced hours

A meeting to discuss the reduction of hours from eight to four at Lime Springs Post Office is being held at the building on Wednesday, Oct. 17.

Last year Chester Post Office was on “the list,” and it wasn’t a nice list. It was one of the smaller post offices scheduled to be closed. When the next “list” came out, Lime Springs was sure to follow.

Due to the number of complaints about the closings and criticism over management, the United States Postal Service put the breaks on shutting down offices. The newest plan is to look at how busy each facility is and have hours open accordingly.

Postal customers were sent surveys announcing that something will be done, and locals could choose the best option for them. The four choices include:

• Keeping the office open but with fewer window service hours (either six, four or two depending on how busy it is);

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Can you hear me now?

In this age of technology, it is frustrating to have sporadic cell phone service in Lime Springs and vicinity. That will be changing in the near future.

Randy Rottinghaus and Gary Cummings of Hershberger Tiling of Jesup are horizontal boring so Windstream can put in a fiber optic cable. The cable runs from the central telephone office in downtown Lime Springs, west on Main Street, south on Forest Street and west on Merrill continuing across Hwy. 63 where a Verizon cell tower is to be installed in the next year. No date has been given on having it up and running.

Ostrander Farmers Co-op merged

Ostrander Farmers Co-op merged with CHS, Inc. of Grand Meadow.

By Ginger Holm

Two area companies, CHS, Inc., Grand Meadow, Minn. and Ostrander Farmers Co-op, Ostrander, Minn. merged to combine operations and provide new opportunities for its members.

“It’s a good move for southern Minnesota [and northern Iowa] area farmers,” said CHS General Manager Deke Stejskal. “We will have seven locations based out of Grand Meadow, Elkton, Spring Valley, Ostrander, LeRoy, Wykoff and Chester, [Iowa].”

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LSCTT taking auditions

The Lime Springs Fire Department is having a soup supper this Sunday, Sept. 29 from 4:00-7:00 p.m. Chili and chicken noodle soup will be served, along with beverages and dessert at the Lime Springs Community Center.

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Clean up old appliances

Many folks have old appliances sitting around, waiting to be disposed of. They are on the list of “things to do.” The next two weeks gives a person ample time to start cleaning out the garage and basement.

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New teachers, staff at LS-C

Jessica Meyer

By Marcie Klomp

In last week’s paper, new staff at Lime Springs-Chester Elementary were introduced, including Katie Mahr, Tammi Kalvelage, Marge Dohlman and Staci Lloyd. This week, the last of the new staff will be featured.

Gerald Mihm is the special education teacher at LS-C and Elma Elementaries. He graduated from Turkey Valley and then went to UNI. When he got out of college, he went into farming, including milking cows, and construction. Twenty years later, he went back to college and graduated in 1992. This is his 20th year at Howard-Winneshiek. The first 19 were spent at the junior high.

Jessica Meyer is the new Food Service Assistant, starting in August.

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Buy Halloween costume, help elementary students

It is that time of year again to start thinking about Halloween and costumes! If you are in the market for a costume, Lime Springs/Chester Elementary PATT (Parents and Teachers Together) is having a Halloween Costume Fund-raiser! Check out http://www.wholesalecostumeclub .com/fundraiser/ and enter Promo Code: FUN1349.

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Benefit for Engelhart Sat.

By Marcie Klomp

A benefit is being held on Saturday, Sept. 22 for Judy “Punky” Engelhart who has been in the hospital for the past three weeks because her body has been full of infection.

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Five arrests yielded at vehicle inspection

Two arrests for drugs, including this one, took place at a safety inspection, held on Sept. 13 at Davis Corners.

You better watch yourself in Howard County! That was the message law enforcement had for motorists traveling Hwy. 63, just south of Davis Corners on Thursday, Sept. 13.

A safety inspection was held with 10 law enforcement officers from Howard County Sheriff Department (including one from Protivin City Police and the K-9 unit from Winneshiek County) participating.

Sheriff Mike Miner reported not every vehicle was detained, but between 4:00-7:30 p.m., 130 vehicles were stopped. They entered the parking lot at Featherlite for the inspection. Of those checked, the K-9 unit sniffed around five suspicious vehicles which resulted in two arrests; five open container citations were given; two citations were written for no drivers license; and three individuals were arrested on immigration.

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Two injured in accident

Lime Springs Fire Department and First Responders help two victims of a car accident on the state line, Sunday, Sept. 16.

Two individuals were flown to Gunderson Health System in LaCrosse after being involved in a car accident on the State Line Road north of Lime Springs on Sunday, Sept. 16, about 10:51 a.m.

Garren L. Brusse of Cresco was driving a 1995 Chevy north on Oak at a high rate of speed when he went into the ditch. The vehicle rolled several times before coming to rest upright on the opposite bank. He and passenger Richard Mackenburg, also of Cresco, were taken by Howard County ambulance to Regional Health Services, where they were transported to LaCrosse.

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