No stranger danger on Friday

The Howard County Sheriff’s Department received two phone calls on Friday, Aug. 31 regarding a stranger in Lime Springs hanging out at the elementary school. A person in a van was at the school and approached a local woman. “They asked if I was from here. Then they asked if there was any place to get your hair cut.”

The woman went home and got thinking about the two missing cousins from Evansdale and decided to call the sheriff’s department.

Sheriff Mike Miner said a deputy stopped a van fitting the description and found it was a parent from Elma, picking up their child. Because Elma does not have air conditioning in the building, the students were bussed to Lime Springs-Chester Elementary, which does have air, on Thursday and Friday. This incident was just a parent picking up their child and asking a question.

But Miner is glad citizens are on the lookout. He wants to remind everyone to talk to their children. “Let them know that if a stranger approaches them and tries to talk to them, they should run away.” Howard County does not want to be another statistic in having a missing or abducted child or children.



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