LS ordinances redone sooner rather than later

By Marcie Klomp

Mayor Barb Robinson stated recodification of the Lime Springs ordinance book could be done in less than six weeks rather than the six months previously thought.

She made her statement at the Council meeting on Sept. 4. Robinson, City Clerk Carla Moser and Council member Gary Klomp met with a representative from Upper Explorerland the previous week. They were told the codifying could be done and become law in a month.

Russ Theis, a member of the audience, said, “I thought it would take six months [to have the book done].”

Robinson replied, “We did too. Within the next month, month-and-a-half that book will be in place and running.” She explained Upper Explorerland has a boiler plate copy. It starts with Iowa code and each town can add to fit its residents.

Upper Explorerland was to email out a copy to council members, clerk and mayor by the end of last week.

Changes and corrections, including fines designated in the current ordinance book will be noted and brought before the entire council during a workshop on Sept. 18.

Those changes will be given back to Upper Explorerland to incorporate into the Lime Springs Ordinance Book. Two books will be printed and available for public scrutiny from Sept. 24 until the next council meeting on Oct. 2. The public will be able to look over the book and make suggestions.

At the Oct. 2 Council meeting a public hearing will be held where notes taken by the public or oral suggestions will be taken under advisement. The Council may or may not include those suggestions in the new ordinance book.

When Council accepts the book, a notice will be put in the paper, probably on Oct. 11 stating the new ordinances have taken effect.

The old ordinance book was 248 pages and the boiler plate has 195 pages. Some ordinances will be added since they are special to Lime Springs, including the golf cart ordinance. Other things that are unique to the town include cost of building permits and water shut-off policies.


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