New teachers, staff at LS-C

Katie Mahr

By Marcie Klomp

Now that the mad rush of the start of school is over, it’s time to sit back and relax. Wrong! Teachers and other staff at Lime Springs-Chester are still working hard to make the school a better learning environment for students.

This year youth were met by a few new faces who are excited to be part of their elementary education. They include:

Katie Mahr is the first grade teacher. Besides being a first-year teacher, she is also newly married. “I just married Travis Mahr (almost) two weeks ago on Sept. first!” The couple lives near Lime Springs.

She may be new to teaching, but she’s not new to Howard-Winneshiek School District as she graduated from Crestwood High School in 2008. She graduated with her BA in Elementary Education and Special Education from Luther College.

So far her favorite part of the job is the kids. “They are so funny and innocent in what they say! Everyday I learn something new from them. I hope the opposite is happening too! So far I have been blessed with a wonderful group if kiddos and coworkers.”

Mahr joked her least favorite part of her new job is that “first grade happens to be the cut-off for nap time.” On a more serious note, “There is really nothing about my day that I dislike or personally struggle with.”

When asked about her goals for the year, she commented, “I think if I can help provide these kids with a safe place to come and express themselves in a positive way, I will have met every goal in sight!”

Besides teaching, Mrs. Mahr works at Teluwut Grille House & Pub in Cresco.

She concluded, “For the first time, I am the teacher and not the student. This is very different experience for me. I know that this will be a year of learning and growing. I hope to remember to keep this humbled feeling as I teach in the years to come because I think the best teachers are lifelong students!”


Tammi Kalvelage is a paraprofessional in the fourth/fifth grade classroom. She has been at H-W for 14 years. She also tutors in summer and does special education work.

She graduated from Plainfield High School and Hawkeye Community College with an associate degree in accounting.

She and husband Ken live in Cresco.

Kalvelage commented, “My favorite part of the job is working with the kids and seeing the rewards when they accomplish a task.

Her least favorite part is when the students get frustrated. “It is hard to tell them it will get easier.”

Her goals for year are to help the kids and teachers in any way she can.

Mrs. Kalvelage added, “I love being in Lime Springs-Chester. Everybody is so friendly and helpful.”

Marge Dohlman is Library Associate/Preschool Associate. She has worked at H-W for three years. Besides working at LS-C, she says, “I also work one day a week in the Elma Elementary Library and a half-day at the Crestwood Early Childhood Center library. The rest of my time is in the Early Childhood Center as a one-on-one associate.”

She graduated high school from Chosen Valley Schools in Chatfield and attended classes at Rochester Community College (now RCTC) and NICC-Calmar.

She and husband Lowell have three daughters, Amber, Carrie and Carmen. They live on a farm north of Riceville.

“My favorite part of the job is working with the kids and seeing their joy when they accomplish something new.”

Her least favorite part is when bad attitudes pop up.

Her goal for the year is to be a positive influence in the children’s educations. She adds, “I’m glad to be a part of the Lime Springs school staff this year.”

Staci Lloyd is a paraeducator with the preschool class. This is her first year at H-W. Previously she was the lead two-year old teacher at Kessel Kids. She has Bachelors and Masters degrees from Iowa State University in Human Development and Family Studies

Lloyd lives in Cresco. She is engaged to Rich and has three children, Noel, who is 11; Seth, who is seven; and Devin, who is six-months old.

“My favorite part of the job currently is just some one-on-one time and getting to know all the preschoolers.”

Her goals for the year are “just to provide a lot of support for Mrs. Marr and help her out with her needs for the class and helping the preschoolers get prepared for kindergarten.”


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