Vacates alley for second time

The alley vacated by Lime Springs City Council is approximately between the two buildings.

By Marcie Klomp

It was learned Ordinance 65 had authorized the vacating of the alley that runs between Merrill and Forest Streets (behind Doc. Lyon’s house). Since the paperwork was not followed through from years ago, Council had to vacate the alley again.

The alley runs through property formerly owned by Thermogas and Farmers Co-op and recently purchased by K&H Cooperative Oil Comp. The business is moving the big LP tank to face north-south instead of east-west.

Street Finance Report

The Street Finance Report, which goes to DOT was accepted.

Fire Dept./Fire Board

Fire Chief Tony Roberts was unable to attend the meeting. Mayor Barb Robinson gave the reports saying the fire department passed out smoke detectors to homes with elementary-age children. The Iowa State Fire Marshal’s office provided the units. Families signed up to get a free detector during school conferences a few years ago. Only part of the detectors arrived. The rest of the shipment finally came recently.

Robinson commented representatives of the department and board attended a York Township meeting in preparation of possibly being in the running for contracting fire protection.


Mary Stevenson gave the Library report for June and July. She was proud to announce, “On June 29, we got our Tier 3 Library accreditation again. It is the highest you can go.

The library received a Grace Hughes Foundation grant that will be used to update technology. “New board member Brian Jesson is doing the maintenence. We are lucky to have him,” she added.

For Sweet Corn Days, the board had Bingo at the Community Center. They played 27 games in three hours, making a profit of over $250.00

The next project is a silent auction, when the library will be accepting new or nice used items. Robinson said, “Have Janet [DeVries] pick up a kids’ bicycle.” The mayor will pay for the bike.

Community Center

Board member Carla Moser said the tile will be stripped and cleaned on Sept. 19. She continued, “Near Halloween the carpet will be cleaned. We will need to replace it in a few years.”

Park & Pool

CBS (Cresco Building Service) is still planning to look over the leak at the north part of the pool. Work had to be postponed since part of the cement will need to be torn up to get to the leak.


Spring Ahead Learning Center board was to meet the following week.


• With the two council members who looked at trees earlier in the year not present (Corey Gates and Kevin Bill), it was decided to wait on making a decision on what to do with the next step of tree trimming/removal.

Council member Leann Thomas asked about informing residents about taking down trees in front of their homes. Robinson commented, “We just take it down. They are our trees.” Even if the trees were planted by a resident, they are the responsibility of the city, when they are in the boulevard.

Spectator Duane Copeman mentioned 177 trees were planted in 2000.

• City maintenance man Casey Sebastian informed Council the dump truck is worth $1,500 at Behr Iron and Metal at LeRoy. This compares with the $750 bid Council received at last meeting. That bidder, Luke Junge, offered to pay whatever LeRoy said it was worth. Council person Gary Klomp stated, “Just make sure it doesn’t say Lime Springs on it in any place.” Thomas made the motion to sell the truck to Junge with that stipulation.

• Sebastian asked, “What are we going to replace the orange [dump] truck with?”

Council members Klomp and Brian Johnson will be on a committee to look at snow removal equipment.

• Sebastian said the composite sampler is on its way. There is no payment plan for the $6,000 cost.

• A light pole in front of Johnson Comfort is not working. Alliant Energy checked it out and announced it was not one of their poles. It belongs to the City. The City will get the new light fixture at a cost of around $500.

• Sebastian found three areas in town with uncontrolled intersections—the corners of Howard and Forest, Forest and Franklin and Franklin and West Streets. Council will need to make a resolution at the next meeting specifying where stop and yield signs should be placed.

• Work needs to be done on the City well. Northway Pump & Well Engineer Loren Leach was in town looking things over. Initially, cost to fix the well could have gone over $1 million, but Robinson said, “The supposed cost will be pretty reasonable,” as not as much will be needed to get it up to DNR standards. No solid figures have been given.

• Sebastian reminded Council the City has four working aerators. He wants to purchase two submersible pumps to put with aerators the City already possesses. The cost would run about $4,000 for the two. The item will be put on the October agenda.

• Robinson said City Clerk Moser will be starting to look at the budget for next fiscal year. She asked, “Casey, can you figure out a one-year plan and a three to five-year plan?” He agreed.


• Moser is having a hard time getting in touch with the collection agency. In a year, the company has only collected on one water bill. She wants to try something different, but can’t get an answer from them how to cancel the contract.

• City employees use their own cell phones and compensation was discussed.

Building permits

Sebastian has authorized building permits for:

• Gary Klomp—garage roof

• K&H Cooperative Oil Comp.—move storage tanks and redo driveway

• St. Paul’s Lutheran Church—garage

• Terry Johnson—fence around wood pile

• Robert Schatz—numerous listed minor repairs

• Paul Lidtke—replace sidewalk

• Tom Beck—numerous listed minor repairs

• Russ Theis—deck

The next council meeting will be Oct. 2 at 7:00 p.m.


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