Clean up old appliances

Many folks have old appliances sitting around, waiting to be disposed of. They are on the list of “things to do.” The next two weeks gives a person ample time to start cleaning out the garage and basement.

Mark “get rid of old stove” off the list on Oct. 13 when appliances of any kind, along with old paint containers, can be dropped at Brown Park (on the A&K side) for a small fee. Money raised will be used for Brown Park improvements.

Appliances can be brought to Brown Park from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. If you need the appliance picked up, call 563-379-8205.

Cost to drop off appliances include:

• Refrigerator: $20.00

• Stove: $15.00

• Microwave: $10.00

• TV-Small: $25.00

• TV-Large or Console: $25.00

• Smaller items (coffee pots, can openers, etc.): $10.00

• Recycling totes of miscellaneous items (paint cans, etc.): $20.00 per tote


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