New teachers, staff at LS-C

Jessica Meyer

By Marcie Klomp

In last week’s paper, new staff at Lime Springs-Chester Elementary were introduced, including Katie Mahr, Tammi Kalvelage, Marge Dohlman and Staci Lloyd. This week, the last of the new staff will be featured.

Gerald Mihm is the special education teacher at LS-C and Elma Elementaries. He graduated from Turkey Valley and then went to UNI. When he got out of college, he went into farming, including milking cows, and construction. Twenty years later, he went back to college and graduated in 1992. This is his 20th year at Howard-Winneshiek. The first 19 were spent at the junior high.

Jessica Meyer is the new Food Service Assistant, starting in August.

Other part-time jobs inclue Office Assistant for Wemark Chiropractic, Piano Teacher, Tutor, Election Official and LifeVantage Distributor.

She is engaged to Andy Stinson. “We have no kids, just our cat, Corduroy, who might as well be our child!” She lives at Cresco.

Meyer attended LS-C Elementary and then was home schooled through 12th grade. She attended NICC for Website Design.

“My favorite part of the job is the kids…you just never know what they’re going to say!” So far Meyer doesn’t have a least favorite part.

Her goals for the year are small and big! “As far as work goes, I’d like to learn all the kids’ names, but my only real goal for this year is getting my wedding planned!”

In what spare time she has, she enjoys photography, Trent Tomlinson concerts, cooking, baking and going to Andy’s races.

Mihm enjoys most parts of his job, but especially the kids. He is finding teaching elementary kids a joy. He admitted organization is his downfall, so his goal for this year is to stay organized and caught up.

He still enjoys working construction, building things and working on cars. He jokes, “My claim to fame is that I haven’t seen one Super Bowl!”

He and his wife, Joie Lee, who owns Tin Ceiling Antiques in Cresco, live in Cresco. They have two grown children, Melissa (Bob) Junge with grandchildren Hunter and Elana and newly married Jeremy and wife Brittany.

Of teaching in the outlying centers, Mihm says, “I’ve been tremendously welcomed here and at Elma. That makes the travel time worthwhile.”

Oakleigh Natvig is the Elementary Physical Education and High School Social Studies teacher. He also coaches ninth grade football and ninth grade girls basketball.

He graduated from Crestwood High School and University of Northern Iowa. He started working at H-W School District in 1973 and continued for the next 32 years. He left and then taught at New Hampton and Waukon before returning to H-W.

He currently lives in Cresco and has two children, Kendra and Jonathan, and two grandchildren, Easton and Brennan.

His favorite part of teaching is “being around kids. I enjoy being around kids and watching them learn and grow.” His least favorite is the increase in forms and other paperwork since he began teaching.

His goals are to see the kids improve everyday and enjoy the activities. “I want them to have fun and work together.”

His hobbies include watching sports and going to his grandchildren’s school events.

Mary Jane Palmersheim is the Elma and LS-C Custodian. She has worked at H-W for eight years. She certainly knows her way around the district as she graduated from here. This is her second year at LS-C. Before this, she was a medication aid at the nursing home in Elma. She works every day but her times change. One day she is in LS-C from 4:00-9:00 a.m. then in Elma from 10:00-2:00 p.m. and vice-versa the next day.

She and husband Jerry live in Elma. They have three children, Brian, Nick and Suzy. They have one grandchild with another on the way.

Her favorite part of the job is the kids. “Watching the change from year to year is nice. I also like the people I work with. No complaints.” Although she does admit one of the least favorite things she does is the summer cleaning. “It gets hot and intense.”.


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