Prepare to be pampered at Love of Hair

Mara Hartzell opened Love of Hair on Sept. 1.

By Marcie Klomp

Love of Hair is the name of Mara Hartzell’s new business, and she’s not kidding!

Perhaps her passion comes from being a new graduate of Total Look in Cresco or maybe she just loves hair. She started her business at the hair salon of Family Fun and Fitness on Miller Street in Lime Springs, opening on Sept. 1.

She got her first taste of cosmetology through her friend. “My best friend’s mother was a cosmetologist. When we went to her house, we hung out in the salon. We had fun.” As she grew older, she was the go-to person in her class for hair. “I did hair for the cheerleaders and Homecoming. I would braid all the hair on the bus before volleyball games,” she smiled.

After graduation, she had to make a decision. “I’m more a hands-on, creative person and I wanted to use my creativity.” She attended NICC and later transferred to Total Look School of Cosmetology and Massage Therapy. After 2,100 hours of training and a few general education credits, she got her associates degree.

She took some time in collecting all her equipment and is very pleased with the vintage-style equipment she found. Walking into her shop is an enjoyable experience as it is decorated vintage/retro/chic. Her mirror is art deco and she has a Collins chair. “It is the same chair used in the Redken salon in New York,” Hartzell stated.

She has taken what she learned in school and some tips from a talented stylist and has her own way of cutting hair. She uses razors more often than scissors. Hartzell said, “I’ll give you the technical explanation. It bevels the ends of the hair and gives it more volume and texture and a little extra oomph.”


She admits her sessions last longer than some, but she puts a lot into her job. “I feel everyone deserves to be pampered.” Part of that pampering is getting a nice head massage during the shampoo. “It’s very important to do that,” she commented.

She is happy to give suggestions on hair styles if asked, and during the cut, Hartzell explains why she is cutting the hair the way she is. She is genuinely excited to see the end result. She also points out the attributes of the products she sells—Redken, Matrix and It’s a 10.

A person might think the stylist is trying to sell her products, but she is more interested in seeing her clients’ hair healthy. Brand name products are specially made for hair.

Whether a person purchases her products or not, she is happy to show them how to style their hair in their own bathroom, which is helpful for those who are hair-challenged.

Hartzell says she can do anything with hair, including styling and coloring. For coloring she does foil, capping and all over color.

She is flexible in her schedule and is a self-described night owl. “I can be the Midnight Hairdresser!” she joked. Regular hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00-5:00 but will take appointments for any time. Call her at 641-220-3578 or follow her on Facebook at Love of Hair.

“My main goal is to make people feel good about themselves and let them leave my shop feeling happy,” Hartzell concluded.



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