Larson write-in for hospital board

Mary Larson

By Marcie Klomp

Mary Larson of Lime Springs is a write-in candidate for Regional Health Services of Howard County Board of Trustees.

“Dorene Burnikel approached me after church one Sunday and asked if I would run. She knew we needed someone from Lime Springs on the board to help keep our clinic open,” Larson explained of why she is running. She missed the deadline to be on the ballot so she is running as a write-in.

Larson will bring over 25 years experience in the medical field to the table, which will give other board members an insider’s perspective. Two current members, Diana Sobolik as a nurse and Bootie Kapler as a retired nurse, also bring knowledge in the field. Other board members are George Willis, John Wacha, Alan Moudry, Thais Folta and Connie McGrane.

Larson started out as a medical secretary at Mayo Clinic in the 1970s. She has been an EMT since April 1988, which is when she started at Howard Residential Care, a partner of Regional Health Services. She worked her way up from CNA to medical aid to LPN to RN during her years at the care facility. She also worked at the hospital as an EMT and a nurse. For the past one-and-a-half years, she has been at Spring Valley Senior Living as nurse/manager.

The hospital is looking at renovating the building. “Having worked as a nurse, I know the needs for the renovations of different departments,” Larson commented.

She is a life-long member of the area, growing up just north of Lime Springs. She and her family have used the local clinic, hospital and outpatient departments so she knows the workings of it.

She and Harlan have been married for 36 years and have three children and a brand new grandson.

Mary was a member of St. Stephan’s in Chester until it closed. The couple now belongs to Notre Dame where she is lector and is on the Faith Formation Committee. She was organist in Chester for some time. She was on the first board of Spring Ahead Preschool and is secretary of Howard County EMS.

There are four names on the ballot for three positions: Alan Moudry, Robert Thacker, Mike Mahr and Chuck Malek. Larson would make five vying for three positions.


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