Codification taking time

By Marcie Klomp

Mayor Barb Robinson admitted it is taking longer than first hoped to get through the new boiler plate for city ordinances. “We [council and city employees] are getting through 50 pages at every workshop. It takes two hours each time. It is long. It is laborsome, but it will be worth it in the end.”

Council had already met twice before the Oct. 2 regular council meeting, and was to meet again on Oct. 9. Initially, council wanted to have the preliminary book done by the October meeting so it could be approved. Now it may be ready to go at the Nov. 6 regular meeting.

One of the main reasons the council is rushing to get the new ordinance book in operation is to clarify the building permit portion. Currently, the building permit ordinance states any change to a “structure” (which is anything man, woman or child-made) needs a permit.

This can be taken to include putting in a roof, new windows, replacing a rotten board in a deck. In the past, council has not insisted on a permit unless it changed the footprint of a property. One citizen challenged council at two previous meetings and submitted complaint letters.

This resulted in a record number of permits being issued in the past month. The following permits were approved by Casey Sebastian, director of city works:

• Marc and Max Stockman—new roof;

• Al Mensink—garage door, satellite dish, remove room in garage;

• Renae Anderson—remodel upstairs apartment above old laundromat;

• Joe and Heidi Trouten—replace three doors, paint front porch, shingle porch and garage, sewer line;

• Gaylord Borgan—stain deck;

• Harlan Larson—replace windows, paint house, replace boards as needed on house, remodel basement (shower, toilet) remodel bathroom on main floor, replace counter top;

• Tom Payton—remove lathe and plaster, sheetrock and insulate;

• Ted and Amy Roberts—trim work, cupboards, closets, sheetrock basement, entry way, repair and/or replace deck on west side, cement work, landscaping;

• Larry and Charlene Gates—replaced wood siding on garage, repair soffit on house and chimney, replace garage door on back of garage;

• Corey Gates—repair sewer line, replace two basement windows, repair gutter on north side of house;

• Tyler and Abby Smith—new windows; and

• Bruce Fortney—foundation and door.

The original plan was to have council update the book, and then allow the public to read it and give their input at the next council meeting. No dates for looking over the updated book have been announced.


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