Grace Hughes Found. recipients

Grants from Grace Hughes Foundation were awarded in 2012 to the following groups:

Lime Springs United Methodist Church $3,200.00

Lime Springs Pleasant Hill Cemetery Association $3,000.00

Lime Springs/Chester Elementary School $2,500.00

Lime Springs Fire Department $1,000.00

Lime Springs Public Library $1,000.00

Lime Springs Swimming Pool $1,000.00

Lime Springs Community Center $500.00

Lime Springs Lidtke Mill Historial Site $500.00

Chester Community Center $500.00

Chester Fire Department $500.00

Lime Springs Ball Club $400.00

Lime Springs Spring Ahead Learning Center $400.00

Lime Springs American Legion Post 545 $200.00

Lime Springs Brown Park Improvement Fund $100.00

Lime Springs Children’s Theatre Troupe $100.00

Howard-Winneshiek Genealogy Society $100.00

Those on the selection committee include Jill Johnson, Jan Cray, Barb Robinson and Michelle Busch.


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