Many contests were close

By Marcie Klomp

People may have been counting on the television media to get up-to-the minute results of the election on Tuesday, Nov. 6, but they rely on the local newspapers to preserve the results for posterity.

Howard County and the state of Iowa voted the straight Democratic ticket, although there were two close contests.

After the last census and the districts were moved around, incumbents Mary Jo Wilhelm and Merlin Bartz were fighting for the same area. It was a very close battle with Wilhelm winning by a mere 120 votes. Bartz decided against seeking a recount.

The other close race was for Supervisor of District 1. Mark Kubik beat incumbent Mick Gamez by a margin of 53 votes.

Other contests included:

RHS Brd. of Trustees (vote three)

Allen Moudry

Michael W. Mahr

Chuck L. Malek

Howard Soil & Water Conservation District Commissioner

Glen Pietan

Harlan Hickle

Bart Wilson

Howard County Agricultural Extension Council

Rachel Gooder

Allen Johnson

Douglas R. Nath

Harold Noe



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