Resolutions galore at council meeting

Some of those attending the Council meeting, were left to right: Duane Copeman, George Tekippe, Tony Roberts, Casey Sebastian and Mary Tibbals.

By Marcie Klomp

With Mayor Barb Robinson home sick, Mayor Pro Tem Kevin Bill headed the Lime Springs City Council meeting and kept it fairly short—just one-and-a-half hours.

Five resolutions were read and passed, and the different departments heads gave their reports.

The resolutions were for selling the vacated alley (behind Dr. Lyon’s residence) to the former Ostrander Farmers Coop for $500 to cover expenses; accepting the Comprehensive Plan which community members have been working on; a budget amendment to transfer funds from local option sales tax to the sewer for the purchase of the composite sampler; approving the financial report; and setting a public hearing for a CDBG grant for Spring Ahead Learning Center (SALC).

Fire Department/Fire Board

Fire Chief Tony Roberts said the entire department minus three firefighters attended a bin training at Calmar, which was free. “It was a very good training. Very informative.”

He has been having to tell residents not to burn leaves because of the burning ordinance. Some fires are not within 50 feet of a structure and are legitimate.

The fire department handed out 18 smoke detectors at parent-teacher conferences on Oct. 30 and Nov. 1. That leaves just a few to be given away.

Roberts inspected some sprinklers at SALC and told officials he wanted a Knox Box that would hold keys. The fire department would have a key to get into the box, which will hold keys to the building. “I told them there are two ways to open the door . . . and one is with a key,” insinuating the second way was to break in.

Finally, he said the auxiliary donated $2,000 to help pay for a thermal imager.





Library Board

Mary Stevenson was happy to announce there was one new town patron and four new country patrons for the prior month.

The board has applied for grants for technology including computer firewalls and security.

“Janet [DeVries, Director] is meeting with the other librarians in the county with the Board of Supervisors. They are asking for an increase of $2,000.”

She added a silent auction is taking place during the month of November.

Community Center

Clerk Carla Moser stated the carpets in the Community Center were cleaned, and the restrooms and chamber room were painted.

Also, the board is having its annual basket silent auction during Christmas in Lime Springs. Around $800 is the usual profit.

Park and Pool

Moser commented Casey Sebastian (city maintenance) was in touch with Cresco Building Service about the leak at the pool. Sebastian added, “We think it is the trough that is leaking.”

Spectator Rex Tibbals asked, “If a person wants to donate to the pool, who do I talk to?” Moser pointed to herself. The clerk takes care of the money for all the departments.


Moser wasn’t done with her reports as she also gave an update on SALC. “We had our meeting last night, and we did a walk-through. We saw the rooms.” She added she hated to admit it, but the tentative opening date was set back again—to Feb. 6.

She explained work should be done and the school district should get the keys on Dec. 29, but then two fire marshals have to inspect the building before it can be opened.

The annual fund-raiser for SALC is the Winter Gala, which is taking place in January. Supper tickets are $35 each, and another live auction will take place.


Sebastian wanted to inform council about a possible area that needs to be fixed next year. While working at SALC, a portion of the road was taken up. It was recently re-cemented by the contractor, but Sebastian noticed about 20-30 feet on either side the road was pretty chewed up. The council will look at repairing the road next spring.

In regards to tree removal and trimming, Bill suggested waiting until spring since most of the work that needed to be done was completed this summer and fall.

City Engineer George Tekippe spoke about the two city wells. See next week’s paper for full story.

Tekippe also wanted to look over the geothermal system in the Community Center. When the facility was built, water that came into the system from the water tower went out through the sanitary sewer. New requirements from DNR require the City to treat water as it goes into the sewer plant and treat it again when it goes out.

Tekippe thought the waste water from the heating/cooling system at the center could be treated before it went through the system and then disposed of through the storm sewer.

Sebastian pumped smoke into the sewer system to see if there were any leaks that needed to be addressed. Some water that should be going into the storm sewer is leaking into the sanitary sewer. Again, the City does not want to treat water it doesn’t have to.

The newly purchased composite sampler, which tests the sewer water on a consistent basis, is working fine, Sebastian said. The numbers used to be between 70 and 180—a huge difference. Now the numbers will be 90-105-100 on different days—much closer and easier to compare with each other.

The City is looking at a lot of repairs running into a lot of money. Moser said she learned a city the size of Lime Springs can borrow $900,000. Project repairs and updates between the water and sewer plants could be double that. “I asked what we can do with million dollar projects.” She was told exceptions can be made.

Financial Report

No new updates were added to the utility bill report.

The clerk will attend a budget meeting on Nov. 15 and a clerk’s meeting on Nov. 19 or 20.

Other items

• A letter had been sent out to a resident about not complying with the permit ordinance. The property owner said the work had been done before the date the city started asking, and it could be proved. It was stated that if he shows proof, the penalty will be waived.

• A step between Weyers/Theis on Willard St. was addressed. Council person Leann Thomas commented, “I thought [Russ Theis] said it would be done by Sweet Corn Days.” Other council members agreed. A letter will be sent the work needs to be done within 30 days.

An unsigned letter was put in the black payment box at City Hall expressing the desire to have some properties with junk on them to be cleaned. Without a signed complaint letter, council will take it under advisement but made no commitment.

• A complaint letter was received on a property that has three adult cats, two kittens and two dogs, which is over the number of pets allowed by the pet ordinance. A letter will be sent about the nuisance pets.



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