Veterans can be women, too

As the band played the national anthem, Sharon Goodman, Riley Reis and Kristen Kuhl brought in the colors. Showing their support were Legion Auxiliary members Phoebe Klomp, Betty Munkel and Elaine Moser and Veteran April Cheeseman.

April Cheeseman may have surprised a few of the students at Lime Springs-Chester by announcing that she, a woman, is a veteran. She served in the Navy for four years. As it turns out, she was the only veteran able to attend the Nov. 12 program, at LS-C Elementary.

The school was happy members of Crestwood Band were able to perform, which they did as three members of the fourth and fifth grade class presented the colors. They were Kristen Kuhl, Riley Reis and Sharon Goodman.

Members of Mrs. Cray’s class read a poem. Those participating were Jackie Niewoehner, Trent Pisney, Ashton Howe, Will Miller, Lyli Kunert and Dylan Rahlf.

Cheeseman then spoke about “Women in Service.” She explained she joined so she could benefit from the G.I. Bill, which sends veterans to school, which she did when she got out.

She told students and other audience members what women in the five branches are called: Navy—WAVES (Women’s Auxiliary for Voluntary Emergency Service); Air Force—WAF (Women of the Air Force); Army—WAC (Women’s Army Corp); Coast Guard—SPAR (Semper Paratus, Always Ready); and Marines—USMCWR (United States Marine Corps Women’s Reserve).

“America the Beautiful was sung by the audience. Then, the second and third graders explained the meaning of the “Pledge of Allegiance,” which was then recited by everyone.

The band played “Battle Hymn” and the program concluded with “Taps.”

As the children left, they were given a patriotic book mark from members of the local American Legion Auxiliary.


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