Both city wells need fixed

Casey Sebastian stands by the west pump that needs to be pulled.

City Engineer George Tekippe attended the Lime Springs City Council meeting to discuss the two city wells. He explained he was not sure when the last time each of the pumps had been pulled, to check the well and equipment, but the data he has says it has been 21 years since #2 (the east well by the water tower) was pulled and it’s been 10 years since #1 (by Spring Apartments) had been worked on. “They should have been pulled at 10-year intervals,” he said.

The well #1 building is in relatively good repair but the well #2 building needs a lot of work. Tekippe advised fixing well #1 first, although it comes with its own problems.

Tekippe and water director Casey Sebastian believe the pump reaches down to about 90 feet. The well itself is probably 300 feet, but more pipe would have to be installed. Tekippe would like the pump lowered another 40 feet.

That way, when water is being pumped, it will be low enough so it isn’t trying to pump air. By fixing well #1, it will be in tip top shape when well #2 is being repaired.

Council gave permission to start the process. The first well should be worked on within the next week or so.

Some residents may not know the water tower has a float. The tower is filled from well #1. Water gradually gets used by residents. When the level gets to a certain spot, water is pumped from well #2 and then #1 and so on.


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