FFA invests in LS Beef business

Scott Fjelstul, Tom Tuchek and Grant Tuchek, sophomore, were at the School Board meeting to update members on the Trap Team.

Scott Fjelstul, Tom Tuchek and Grant Tuchek, sophomore, were at the School Board meeting to update members on the Trap Team.

By Marcie Klomp

Howard-Winneshiek School Board allowed Crestwood FFA to invest $20,000 of its money in Lime Springs Beef. Superintendent John Carver said it was a great opportunity for FFA at the Nov. 26 board meeting. “We could have representatives of FFA on the board of a $22 million company. This will give the FFA club real-world experience.”

He explained FFA had about $90,000 in savings from land the group sold 11-12 years ago. FFA wants to use $20,000 of that money to invest in the start-up business.

• In other business, How-Winn School Board member James Kitchen is fond of saying, “It’s all about the kids.” That sentiment is also embraced by the other board members. They and Carver are always pleased when students come to the meetings to report on what they are doing or thinking.

They were especially impressed when freshman Nicole Fosaaen came before the board to ask about having a soccer team at the school. She came totally prepared by giving them a list of schools in Iowa with a team. She broke it down to schools over three hours away, under three, under two and under one hour traveling time.

She said the spring sport would attract students not taking golf or track. The ninth grader showed a diagram of how the football and practice fields could be easily converted into a soccer field.

Fosaaen gave some examples of how the sport could be paid for with fund-raisers and players paying for equipment. “I’m proud of my school. I think soccer would benefit the school,” she concluded.

• Work is progressing on Spring Ahead Learning Center and with the due date being Dec. 28.

• Board member Doug Berg asked about a $17,000 bill from Decker Sporting Goods Inc. Board secretary Clint Farlinger explained he didn’t have the invoice in front of him, but could get Berg a copy. He added most of the money had come out of the Activity Fund, not the General Fund.

• Each board member, the Carver and Farlinger shared an item they took away from the Iowa Association of School Boards Annual Conference. The superintendent was proud to say How-Winn was just one of four districts of 300-plus that had all school board members and the district secretary present at the conference.

Kitchen returned the compliment by saying, “I was impressed with John Carver. He’ll tell everyone the direction we are taking.” He added it was a good thing in case someone was on the fence, they may decide to attend How-Winn.

• Superintendent Carver presented the 2012-2013 Certified Enrollment of the District. How-Winn serves 1,252 students with a certified enrollment of 1,320.79. He commented, “If we continue losing students, by 2017, the district will be upside-down.” If the district continues on this path without attracting more students than those open enrolling out and keeping the same number of staff, How-Winn will be running in the red.

• The board voted to add break-down insurance from CIA. Break-down insurance will be beneficial to the district because the expense will be taken out of the Management Fund.

When something breaks down and staff fixes it, the District will bill the repairs back to insurance. The money will then be put into the General Fund.

The general rule of thumb is for the District to get paid back 85 percent of the cost of the insurance.

• Scott Fjelstul offered to be the instructor for the Trap Team. He explained as a student in high school he never went out for a sport, but he would have gone out for the Trap Team.

“So far, there are 22 students in ninth through 12th grade interested, including six females,” he said.

The season goes from March and into June. The students will be able to shoot at Bonair. “We are hoping to have it fund itself through donations,” he concluded.

• The board agreed to lease the NICC facility to the community college for $30,000.

• The Special Education Service Delivery Plan was accepted. Board member Karlos McClure made a point there were no non-teacher parents on the committee that created the report. He recommended inviting community parents to be on the committee.


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