Carroll helps get state award

Chalsea Carroll

Chalsea Carroll

By Marcie Klomp

Besides personal satisfaction for a job well done, Chalsea Carroll, CPC (Central Point of Coordination) Administrator for Howard County, and her colleagues were recognized with an Excellence in Action Award at the Iowa State Association of Counties conference last week.

According to ISAC, the Excellence in Action Award program is a competitive awards program, which seeks to recognize innovative county government employees, programs, and projects. Nominations were reviewed and rated based on the following seven attributes: creativity, innovation, cost savings, replication, leadership, increased efficiency, cooperation with others and perseverance.

Carroll was invited to join a steering committee that was to help develop software to bill clients for mental health and disabilities funding.

“For over a year, I was in Des Moines every two weeks attending meetings for the County Community Services Network (CSN),” she said.

The group’s mission was to connect county and state agencies with a shared system which will capture and report standardized information for Iowans accessing the Community Service system, while abiding by HIPAA, state and federal laws.

“Now we can track clients and authorize funding and pay claims easier. You can see all the services each person has received in all the counties. It saves a lot of steps,” Carroll explained. The system was up and running in Howard County in January 2010 and Carroll says it is a great system.

Department of Human Services is now trying to integrate itself into the system as well.

Carroll was chosen because she was new to her position and the committee wanted a person with a fresh view to help with the program. After the program was implemented, Howard County was a mentor county and Carroll helped others become familiar with the program.

Approximately 900 people from Iowa’s 99 counties attended the fall School of Instruction for Iowa counties.

The award will travel among the counties and end up at the ISAC offices.


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