Chester USPS meeting

Chester residents attend the post office meeting.

Chester residents attend the post office meeting.

Residents of Chester were told hours at their post office will be reduced from eight down to two hours per day in the future at a meeting on Dec. 4.

Tom Allen, Manager of Post Office Operations, informed the group 132 surveys had been mailed with 38 being returned from Chester. Seventy-nine percent of those returning their surveys wanted to keep the Post Office open, even if meant having reduced hours.

From data collected from the surveys, it was determined Chester Post Office would more than likely be open Monday through Friday from 2:00-4:00 p.m. Saturday hours would be 2:00-3:45.

To help compensate for reduced hours, Allen said the lobby will probably be open 24 hours a day for folks to pick up their box mail.

It was also noted Lime Springs Post Office was 5.37 miles away, with LeRoy being 8.18 miles from Chester.

The change in hours could take place by April/May of 2013. Other local offices that will see reduced hours include:

Lime Springs—down to four hours







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