Instead of birthday hats these folks wear Santa hats

Carla Moser sometimes feels ripped off for having a birthday on Christmas Eve.

Carla Moser sometimes feels ripped off for having a birthday on Christmas Eve.

By Marcie Klomp

As the mother of a “Christmas baby” (Dec. 23), I know how disappointing it can be for kids who were born near Jesus’ birthday. I can tell you that bringing our bundle of joy home on Christmas Day was the best present we could have ever received.

Every year we have tried to make her birthday special by having a family birthday party with non-Christmas cake and birthday wrapping paper. Maybe one year a Christmas was held the same day, but it was at a different house or different time of day.

Having said that, separating presents has always been somewhat of a chore. She needed some for her birthday, presents for two family Christmases, and we always hoped we wouldn’t double up on the presents Santa brought!

Our daughter is a whole two days before Christmas. She has plenty of time to recover in time for Dec. 25.

Some kids aren’t so lucky. Carla Moser was born Dec. 24. She recalled, “When I was younger, it was sorta disappointing not having a summer birthday. I had to wait till the end of the year.” She always felt ripped off that she couldn’t have a “friend” party on her birthday.

Regardless, her family tried to make her birthday special. “On Christmas Eve I’ve always had Betty [Roesler] birthday cake. My parents always made sure I had birthday and Christmas presents, and the birthday presents were wrapped in birthday paper.”

Another person who made her try to feel special on her big day was neighbor Jean Borgan Mundfrom. “Jean shared my birthday, and she always made me handmade Christmas cookies. They were all decorated pretty and everything. They were only for me. Not to share with the boys. I always gave her a hug.”

Dan Murphy also remembers Grandma Jean. “Her birthday was on the 24th, mine was on the 25th and my cousin Tiffany’s birthday was on the 22nd.”


The family always celebrated the three birthdays together. “We had one cake for our birthdays and one for Christmas.”

When people hear his birthday is on Christmas Day they always wonder if Murphy feels gypped. “My birthday is just another day. You still get a present.” He did admit he always got birthday wrapping paper, and his wife and son, Karla and Gavin, always make it a special day.

Dan’s mother, Linda, said, “He feels he gets left out, but he gets as much as everyone else, but he gets it all at once!” She recalls the day he was born. “We were supposed to be in Rochester for Raymond’s side and then in Cresco for my side.” They ended up in the hospital!

Dan was born about 9:59 a.m. “Terry Miller’s parents were living in Cresco, so Raymond ended up going over there for Christmas dinner!”

Go up a generation and you find Bernard Roesler, who’s birthday is the day after Christmas. He said it isn’t a big deal any more, but it probably was when he was younger. “As I got older, it doesn’t make any difference. It’s just a birthday.”

He did recall how things have changed since he was a kid. “Years ago, when neighbors neighbored more than we do today, there were several who had birthdays in November and December. In early December we’d celebrate all our birthdays with oyster stew. I still like oyster stew.”

Now Roesler’s biggest treat is going out to eat with family.

One of the youngest generation with a birthday near Christmas is Tyler Pisney. His birthday is a whopping three days before the big day, on Dec. 22. He said, “I like it close to Christmas. I get an extra present and we go out to eat pizza.”

Regardless if Christmas babies feel like they got cheated or blessed, they still get a year older every year, just like everyone else!


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