Permit paid anonymously

By Marcie Klomp

Two separate anonymous payments of $25.00 cash were given to Lime Springs City to be used for a building permit with a late fee for a resident. Both were found in the utility payment box before the Jan. 8 City Council meeting.

A late fee had been assessed to a permit from Russ Theis after a complaint letter was submitted by Arnie and Connie Bakken. Theis was contesting when the work was done to his business, Russ’ Repair, on Willard St.

A good amount of time was spent discussing the issue at the December meeting with an answer on the amount owed to be given at the January meeting.

The payment submitted Jan. 4 was accompanied by a note that read “Please use this $25 to pay for the building permit the City of Lime Springs and Russ Theis are arguing about. As taxpayers in this community, we do not wish to see any more of our money spent on this when we don’t have enough money for the fire department, pool or library. Let’s all move on to more important things.”

The second letter, which was left in the utility box on Jan. 8, had a handwritten note on the front which said, “Put toward Russ Theis bill, so the City doesn’t have to spend more time and money on this issue.”

Theis did not attend the meeting.

Corey Gates made a motion to accept the payments. It was seconded by Kevin Bill. All council members except Brian Johnson voted aye.


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