Band already booked for SCD

By Marcie Klomp

The 10 courageous souls who braved the bitter cold weather to attend the Jan. 21 Community Club meeting accomplished a lot in the first meeting of the year. That does not mean that fewer members achieve more; bodies are still welcome and needed at the meetings!

The band for the Saturday night street dance at Sweet Corn Days has been booked. Next to Nothing is a band out of Rochester that has quite a following explained Curt Tienter. They are more expensive than the club usually spends—nearly twice as much as last year’s band—but members thought they would try a bigger band to see how it goes.

The band will have two stages with a costume change between sets.

Another huge achievement at the meeting was having a full board elected. Usually, one or two positions don’t get filled for a few months. As it is, 2012 president Dennis Langreck handed the proverbial gavel to vice-president Steve Johnson, who took over as president. Ed Hampe agreed to be vice-president (making him president next year). Mary Bielefeld was elected as the new treasurer, taking over for Jill Johnson, and Butch Burnikel took over Bernard Roesler’s position as director for his first of two years.

They join Curt Tienter as director and Marcie Klomp as secretary, who are filling out the second half of their two-year terms.

In other Sweet Corn business, Tienter agreed to take over as contact person for the flea market from Kareen Johnson.

The five city departments will decide if they will work the food stand at the ball park or rent it out.

Festival of Trees and Christmas in Lime Springs were both well-attended events. The club will need to find someone willing to take calls and organize the crafters for Christmas since Betty Roesler is stepping down after being in charge for many years.

There is a problem with the two events for the coming year. Festival of Trees is held the Sunday evening after Thanksgiving. This year, that is Dec. 1, which is the first Sunday in December—the traditional day for Christmas in Lime Springs.

Both events cannot be held on the same day. Club members are tossing around the decision of changing one of the dates or cancelling Festival of Trees for 2013. The next time this would happen would be 2019.

Dues for the club are payable at $10 per person, $15 for a couple and $20 for a business.

Kareen Johnson offered to bring treats to the Feb. 18 meeting. Dorene Burnikel will serve.





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