First baby of year

Barry and Jen Smith of Lime Springs, with their children, Owen and Avah.

Barry and Jen Smith of Lime Springs, with their children, Owen and Avah.

By Marcie Klomp

Jen and Barry Smith have a new boarder at their home! Avah Jean joins brother Owen (“almost four”) at their home in Lime Springs. Besides the excitement of having a new baby, the family gets some great gifts by having the First Baby of the Year in the Lime Springs-Chester school area!

Little Miss Smith entered the world Feb. 19, 2013 at 3:27 p.m. She weighed eight pounds, seven ounces and was 21 and three-quarters inches long.

Grandparents are Mitch and Deb Smith of Lime Springs and Tom and Ellen Selvig of Riceville. Great-grandparents are Jim and Sheryll Smith of Lime Springs and Laura Jennison of Riceville.

The Smiths’ bundle of joy is the first girl (out of four) on his side and the third on hers (out of three). Ironically, while Avah is the only girl on one side, brother Owen is the only boy on the other.

Jen said Avah came two days early, but she was expecting her to make her appearance about two weeks before that since Owen was two weeks early. “When that two week came and went, I’m like ‘Come on. Hurry up!’”

But she was well worth the wait.

Both parents were working on Avah’s “birth” day—Barry at Johnson Farms (six years) and Jen at the Cresco Clinic (seven years). She said, “I went in to work that day and had a doctor appointment at 9:45. I was going to go back to work.” It didn’t work out that way. She had been having contractions for a couple weeks. She wasn’t too concerned because she was going to be induced the next day.

She found out she was five centimeters, then six. “They told me, you should call Barry.” She waited a while since he had to pick up Owen and a friend from preschool. She went to being dilated seven centimeters and the nurses again encouraged her to call her husband. Barry arrived in plenty of time. Jen had just 20 minutes of pushing before Avah was born.

That morning and afternoon, her coworkers knew what was going on and stopped in for visits and texted her. They were especially excited when her doctor was paged.

Poor Owen couldn’t hold his sister for a week since he got sick right after she came home. Owen says she is “naughty all the time!” Mom said he loves her though. He held her and you could tell he was a proud big brother.

When the weather warms up, the family plans to continue their fun activities of going on bike rides, playing outside and hunting with Dad . . . that might be a few years for Avah. And . . . Owen will probably teach her how to dance!

The cool gifts the family received in the First Baby of the Year Contest included a $25 Godfathers’s Pizza gift certificate at Lime Springs Travel Plaza; $15 gift certificate toward meat and groceries from Elma Locker & Grocery; a $50 complimentary adjustment from Wemark Chiropractic; and a year renewal from Lime Springs Herald.


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