New ordinances in place

By Marcie Klomp

It seems to be a long time coming, but Lime Springs now has a new ordinance book in place. It is suggested to update the book every five years. The last time it was updated was 1995.

The public hearing was held at the March 5 council meeting, and there were no written or oral comments, so the ordinances were approved. Upper Explorerland helped with the codes. Casey May estimated the cost of updating the book was $2,250, which included 10 copies of the codes. It is on display at City Hall.

Reports from the various departments and Spring Ahead Learning Center were given.

Fire Department/Fire Board

Fire Chief Tony Roberts said some pagers were sent in to be repaired.

He commented that in the next few years pagers may become obsolete. At a 911 board meeting he found the trend is to go with text messages and cell phones.

The same problems experienced with pagers—reception, having to recharge—can also take place with cell phones. Cell phones would be less expensive since pagers cost about $500, plus repairs. He will keep council informed.

Feb. 18 there was a rollover on Hwy. 63. “Eight guys showed up. It was a mother and three kids.”

He also reminded council to spread the word about checking batteries in smoke detectors. He had a call that a smoke detector was beeping. It turned out to be a low battery.

Holly Rasmussen is coming at the end of March for a CPR class.


Doc Lyon spoke on behalf of the library board. The soup supper raised $1,290.

He then commented, “For a small town library, Janet does a tremendous job over there. I enjoy going to the meetings.” He went on to say there were 533 patrons in the month of March.

Community Center

Carla Moser noted, “We still need someone to replace Dorene Burnikel. We have made her stay on until a replacement is found.”


There was nothing to report.


Moser said Spring Ahead Learning Center is open for business, and there was an upcoming meeting.


Maintenance Director Casey Sebastian and City Engineer George Tekippe gave an update on the water and sewer projects.

The City has two wells, east and west. The west well (near Spring Apartments) was checked late last year. The east well (near the water tower) was supposed to be fixed and updated a month ago, but problems with red tape through the DNR has delayed it. The equipment is ready to be installed as soon as Tekippe gets the okay from the DNR.

Sebastian suggested as long as the City was updating, they could upgrade to the best pump, which would keep track of discrepancies and send a text when something wasn’t quite right. Tekippe agreed. “Now would be the time to [upgrade].”

A committee was formed that would look into a plan for updating meters and other water works equipment.


• A committee was set up for water meter replacement and upgrades.

• A liquor license was approved for the Dam Bar.

• A building permit was issued to Kevin Bill for landscaping.

• A resolution was passed giving all City employees a one hour minimum of pay when called in after hours.

• Several classes were authorized for City Clerk Moser and Maintenance Director Sebastian.

• Council voted to extend the operating note maturity date for another year. This allows the city to borrow up to $100,000 if needed at any given time.


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