H-W students are ‘Rock Stars’

By Marcie Klomp

‘Rock Stars’ is Supt. John Carver’s catch phrase for saying kids or staff are doing a great job at Howard-Winneshiek! He uses it often. The latest group of kids singled out are the students who participate in VREP (Virtual Reality Education Pathfinders).

Four young men spoke at the board meeting on March 25 about the class. Their advisor is Rhonda Vobr.

VREP is a student-led program where students help each other while learning how to code virtual reality and 3-D programs.

Zack VanderVort, Kevin McGuire, Shane Trautsch and Tom Skoda showed some of the projects they have done over the past few years. Trautsch told the board, “New Hampton came here to look at our VREP program.” He added the group runs the advertising board for the basketball games.

When Carver asked the boys what they were interested in, the answers included aerospace engineering, video game programming and working in the computer, science, physics or chemistry areas. At least two of the boys even built their own computers!

These kids are the Steve Jobses of the next generation, and in the future they will be proudly telling people they got their education at Howard-Winneshiek!


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