Will pool open?

By Marcie Klomp

“If the Pool Tech cost estimate is too high, we may not be opening the pool this year. If we don’t have lifeguard applications, we may not be opening the pool this year,” said Mayor Barb Robinson at the Lime Springs City Council meeting on April 2. “It scares me that we might be losing that pool.”

Council learned there was only one application for lifeguard.

Besides that, there is a huge leak that needs to be looked at when the snow melts. Maintenance Director Casey Sebastian explained Pool Tech will be looking at the leak as soon as they can.

In other business related to Pool & Parks, co-chair Carla Moser said the pool was approved for a $3,000 grant from Howard County Community Foundation to fix the leak. Other grants received were $400 toward a pizza warmer for the pool and ball park and $2,000 to go toward a new roof on the Brown Park shelter.

Moser also reminded council the omelet breakfast was taking place on April 28. The Boy Scouts will again cook omelets but help is needed in the kitchen. Donations of store-bought eggs, muffins, milk, orange juice, ham, green peppers and onions are needed. The breakfast is a fund-raiser for the pool sponsored by Boy Scouts and Community Club.

Other reports given included:

•The Lime Springs Fire Department received a $2,250 grant for SCBA face mask updates. Fire Chief Tony Roberts said all equipment was gone through at the last meeting. He also mentioned a bin training which was to take place April 9.

• The Lime Springs Library received $1,075 for computer upgrades. Doc Lyon celebrated all the local library has to offer. “That’s a great library,” he said.

The library continually tries to upgrade its services. The newest update is signing a Neibors Agreement, which will allow audio and e-books to be downloaded onto computers and portable tablets, such as iPad, Nook and Kindle.

In the past month, two courses given by Master Gardeners Cathy Mason and Pam Wendel were given, which were well attended.

• Community Center received a $2,150 HCCF grant for rope lighting, cigarette receptacles, etc. Moser told Council the building was extremely booked up for the month of May.

“Someone still needs to replace Dorene [Burnikel] on the board.” She joked, “You won’t even have to be president the first year. Nor probably even the second!”

Other business:

• A public hearing will be held on May 7 so the city can refinance the 2003 bonds associated with the community center/fire station. After June 1, the remaining debt is $170,000. The rate is at 5.4 percent.

The refinancing rate will be a fixed 2.5 percent through 2023, which will save the city $27,905.

• Jason Passmore of Howard County Business & Tourism is working with Jess Stevens of Lime Springs Beef LLC. He updated Council on the project saying the company was applying for more grants, in addition to the CDBG (Community Development Block Grant).

• Upper Explorerland is also working on a CDBG for Lime Springs. It will help cover the cost of the water and sewer upgrade. He explained a survey needed to filled out by all residents of Lime Springs as one of the requirements.

• Sebastian and George Tekippe, City Engineer, talked about water and sewer issues.

Council authorized the purchase of six loads of rock to be distributed where needed. Sebastian suggested at least two loads on North Miller Street and more on East St.

• New water meters are needed for all households in town. Councilman Kevin Bill explained by 2014 all meters have to be lead-free.

A committee of Sebastian, Bill and Brian Johnson are looking at different options on where the city should go. Option one is going with a remote antenna so meters can be read remotely versus option two of a less technical meter.

Option one is less expensive meter to meter, but an up front cost of over $8,000 is required. That caused some questions from council persons Gary Klomp and Leann Thomas.

Regardless of how the council goes, water meters in all houses are getting old and not working properly. They need to be replaced.

Six new meters were approved for now to replace ones not working and at least three will be replaced every month starting July 1, 2013.

The next Lime Springs City Council meeting will be May 7 at 7:00 p.m. at the community center.


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