Pleasant Hill Cemetery holds annual meeting

The 2013 annual meeting of Pleasant Hill Cemetery Association was held on April 13 at City Hall. Wilton Thomas, who has served the board in several capacities since 1998, announced his retirement as treasurer; he will remain on the board as an advisor.

Thomas has given much of his time to the management of the cemetery. Although not a board member, his wife, Marilyn, also gave many hours of service and assistance.

The new slate of officers includes the following: Donna Ihns, president; Randy Assmus, treasurer; and John Petru, sexton, with Ed Hampe as assistant. Other board members include Wilt Thomas, Eddie Hughes, Larry Gates and Steve Johnson. David Munkel was approved as a new board member.

Improvements noted in the past year were the repainting of the gardener’s shed by Dan Pahl and the generous gift of rock for the pathways from Balk’s. Future needs will include a new roof for the mausoleum.

Jim Miller will be mowing again this season.

As Memorial Day approaches, it is hoped the community will again be generous with their donations for upkeep as they have been in the past.

Submitted by Donna Ihns


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