LS under boil order

Friday and Saturday, May 24-25, the residents of Lime Springs who purchase water from the town need to boil any water they use for consumption—including brushing their teeth. The new pump at the west well is being installed on Thursday.

By Friday, all the treated water in the water tower will be used and the newly-treated water needs to be tested to make sure there is no bacteria.

Lime Springs has two wells (east and west) that have worked in tandem for years and years, but they need to be replaced. The east well has been out of commission since about December, which is when the west well pump broke down and a loaner was installed. Now a new one will be installed.

Three times last week, and five times since December, residents may have experienced low water pressure. That was due to the controls malfunctioning, which was fixed on Friday.

Here is a timeline for what has and is taking place with the water in Lime Springs:

May 17—New electrical service (breaker box) was installed at the west well.

May 20—A new three-quarter inch water line was dug to the well house, which was needed for the new controls.

May 21—New controls were installed

May 23—Northway Well and Pump will be installing the new pump.

May 24-25—Lime Springs under boil order. For safety, water must be boiled for one to three minutes.

Summer 2013—The east well will be replaced.


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