Students share what they learned

By Marcie Klomp

Everybody likes being the center of attention . . . whether it is a person, a group or an auditorium listening to your every word or watching your every move. Well it is not different for the youth of our community.

May 14 was the time for students at Lime Springs-Chester Elementary were able to shine! They were able to show their parents, siblings, grandparents and community members what they have learned this year.

An open house was held to show off the projects they participated in regarding STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). Those attending were welcomed by members of PATT (Parents And Teachers Together) with root beer floats.

Third grade teacher Melissa Adams stated, “The staff at LS-C Elementary has really enjoyed our STEM focus this year. The students have been great! They have been actively involved in the challenge activities and have done a great job of sharing their new knowledge with others. It was great to see them exploring the engineering process. Hopefully we have many future engineers, scientists, inventors and more here at Howard-Winneshiek!”

Here is a portion of what the students showcased at the open house:

First Grade:

~ Investigating water

~ Exploring an aquarium

~ Finding the moon

~ Math displays

~ Technology videos the kids made through the program “animoto”

~ STEM project – Rolling Things

Second Grade:

~ Straw rocket testing zone (second/third)

~ Build paper tables and paper towers

~ Eco-Bot demonstration (second/third)

~ Student’s power point presentations, online videos, a slideshow of pictures from their trip to the Traveling Insect Zoo and the butterflies and moths observed throughout their life cycle

Third Grade:

~ Go Animate Digital Presentations

~ Seeing Sound Waves (using a tuning fork and water)

~ Homemade Instrument Challenge for Sound Unit

Fourth-Fifth Grade:

~ Jet toys

About STEM

The Governor’s STEM Advisory Council was created July 2011 and, according to the website, “is a partnership of business, policy and education leaders from across the state convening to bolster STEM education and innovation and better position Iowa’s young people and the state’s economy for the future.”

Howard-Winneshiek Superintendent John Carver is on the Executive Committee. Board member Scott Fortune serves on the NE Iowa Regional STEM Board/Committee, which meets every other month.


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