Haayer to retire after 16 years

Carl Haayer retires from PO.

Carl Haayer retires from PO.

Carl Haayer has decided to hang up his mail bags for the last time on Friday, June 14. He has been with the United States Postal Service for over 16 years, starting March 17, 1997.

He began his postal career as PMR (Post Master Relief) under Juletta Wendel. She retired a half-year later. He was then under Gerald Buttolph until just a few years ago when he became OIC (Officer In Charge).

The biggest change for customers to the local post office has been recently when it went from eight hours per day down to two hours (2:00-4:00 p.m.).

Changes taking place behind the counter may not be noticeable to customers, but Haayer has definitely seen them! “When I came, we had a ballpoint pen and adding machine,” he joked. “Now we have a calculator, money order machine, credit card machine, stamp machine, scanners for packages and the biggest is the computer.” He added many of those changes took place in just the last five to six years.

Besides paperwork, Haayer said it is surprising the number of people moving in and out, all the time.

He doesn’t see the post office closing any time soon, but who knows?

In his retirement, Haayer says he still has some farming acres he is working. And he’ll probably still come into town for his morning coffee every day!

A going away party is scheduled for Monday, June 17, at Laddy’s in Chester, starting at 5:00 p.m.


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  1. Happy Retirement, Dad!!!

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