LS Beef closer to ground-breaking

By Marcie Klomp

Lots of little items needed to be discussed at the Lime Springs City Council meeting, pushing it to nearly a two-hour affair on June 4.

As Lime Springs Beef gets closer to ground-breaking, more hoops need to be jumped through, which is what took place at the beginning of the meeting.

In order to comply with the CDBG (Community Development Block Grant), certain policies had to be adopted by City Council. Diana Johnson of Upper Explorerland gave an abbreviated explanation of those policies:

~ Code of Conduct – basically states that if you have a conflict of interest in the award of any contract under this grant, you will remove yourself from voting on the award.

~ Procurement Policy- states that you will procure for services, construction, and supplies in the manner set forth in this policy. Most likely you are operating this way now.

~ RARA (Residential Anti-displacement and Relocation Assistance Plan) – states that we will, to the best of our ability, not relocate any persons in connection with this grant.

~ Equal Opportunity Policy Statement – states that you do not discriminate in your hiring practices.

~ Excessive Force – states that you will not use excessive force to bar anyone from peacefully protesting.

~ Affirmative Action Program – states that you will not discriminate in your hiring practices and that none of your contractors will either. Specific contract language will be included in each of their contracts.

~ Affirmative Fair Housing Policy – states that you will do all you can to further fair housing and that you won’t discriminate.

Another formality was to agree to the CDBG Set Aside Contract with the city and a CDBG Sub-recipient Contract, which is with Lime Springs Beef. This basically means the City will receive the grant money and then give it to LS Beef.

A High Quality Jobs Program Contract will be addressed at the next meeting.

• In other business from the meeting, Fire Chief Tony Roberts asked Council to approve Bill Mahr as a new firefighter. “He’s already been approved by the guys and the Fire Board.”

He went on to say the storms the area has received have given the system at the new tornado safe shelter at Spring Ahead Learning Center time to be tested. “It works more smoothly every time we do it,” he explained.

One thing that isn’t up to par is the new paging system. The county is trying to transfer over from pagers to cell phone notification. Firefighters receive a text. The chief also receives a phone call.

“There are hiccups with it,” Roberts admitted. “A few guys say the text messages are 10 minutes behind the page. I’m sure they’ll find a way to fix it.” The county is trying to phase out the pagers. It should all be rectified by July.

• Doc Lyon spoke on behalf of the Library Board. He announced the facility was busy in May with a Community Art Show and started a NEIBORS program “where you can download books on your computer.” There was also a flower garden class, Lego program, Children’s Book Week, along with the usual game, Bingo and movie nights. He said they start at 7:00 p.m. . . . “if you want to venture out late at night,” he joked.

• There is a new fence around the dumpster at the Community Center. It was paid for with grant money.

• Water was supposed to be added to the pool by June 6-7.

City Clerk Carla Moser added there are ball teams again this year. Last year there weren’t enough youth signed up. “We even have a middle boys team. We haven’t had one of those in a long time.”

• In regards to the west well, Casey Sebastian (water and sewer director) stated, “Once we got the equipment rolling, it went well. We haven’t had a problem since they got it [replaced].”

The east well is the next project. City Engineer George Tekippe promised to have some comments about that pump at the July meeting.

• Steve and Jill Johnson of Johnson Comfort Systems questioned Council on the curb area around their business. For some reason, when Center Street was paved, it was paved to the curb on the west side, but stopped two feet short on the east side, their side. Sebastian noted, “I don’t know why they did that. If it went to the curb, it would alleviate some of your problems, in my opinion.”

Water has pooled around the corner where the ramp is located and caused some erosion damage to their cement sidewalk.

The business owners want to replace the sidewalk, but do not want the erosion and water backing up problem they have experienced in recent years.

Council members Kevin Bill and Corey Gates will investigate the issue and bring their recommendation to the July meeting.

• An issue arose regarding a resident calling Sebastian to fix a leak to a hydrant on his property on a Sunday. Apparently the leak was known about since last fall. When Sebastian arrived, the work had already been done.

Tekippe spoke up, “No plumber can be doing work like that unless a life or property is in danger. Nobody can be messing with your municipal system. By doing that, they may contaminate your system. That [plumber] needs a reprimand. You need to tell him that if he does it again there has to be a fine, like for $500. Not $50.”

The council is reviewing the situation and will be sending letters out to the main parties.

Also, the hydrant in question is not metered. There are a couple of those around town. Residents who have non-metered hydrants will be sent a letter allowing them 60 days to decidewhether they want to get the hydrant metered or capped.

Council also said residents cannot call the maintenance director to do work. They are to call the mayor or a council member who will then get in touch with Sebastian.

• Potholes are an ongoing problem with streets in Lime Springs. Council plans to patch them with blacktop, but the temperature needs to be hot, and there hasn’t been had much of that kind of weather. Sebastian has been directed to fill the holes with gravel. When a load of cold patch arrives, the holes will be cleaned out, so the material can be added. Streets mentioned were Main Street and North Miller, although other potholes will be filled.

• Several gravel roads in town are also in poor shape. Sebastian mentioned he had his private property graded with heavy equipment, which has helped. He suggested having the same done to Jones and Howard Streets, especially since Jones Street is inverse crowning (the shoulder is higher than the road).

• Building permits were issued to Roy Tibbals for a garage roof and addition; Arnie Bakken for front porch and steps; Johnson Comfort/Community Club for an electronic sign; and Brad Hall for a deck.

• Tree trimming will be addressed at the July meeting; KCDs liquor license was renewed; a letter will be sent by the city attorney to Rex Tibbals in regards to a dog and horse roaming and being nuisances in southwest Lime Springs; and letters will be sent to several property owners who need to mow their lawns.





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