Weddings remembered

Sammi Pisney modeled Grandma Joyce Pisney’s wedding dress during the program at Cresco Care.

Sammi Pisney modeled Grandma Joyce Pisney’s wedding dress during the program at Cresco Care.

By Marcie Klomp

Residents and friends at Cresco Care were able to look beyond the wrinkles and gray hair to a time when the ladies were fresh-faced young women standing at the altar with their sweeties.

A Wedding Day Memories Program was given by staff and included pictures, keepsakes and bridal gowns from residents and those caring for them. Some of the gowns were worn and others were so fragile they were only on display.

It was fitting the program was held June 21 as June is the traditional month of weddings.

Mary Jo Aversano, Social Service Consultant, was Master of Ceremonies, and Activity Coordinator Leanne Sauesr played piano. What wedding is complete without a cake? None. Kitchen staff were able to make a cupcake-shaped wedding dress for an afternoon snack.

Some of the special dresses worn during the fashion show included Sammi Pisney wearing employee Grandma Joyce Pisney’s dress from 50 years ago and Jessica Skoda, Marketing Director, wearing her own wedding dress from 10 years ago.

Other gowns presented were employee Joyce Kapler’s dress worn by Destiny Hodges; Rose Dietzenbach’s dress worn by coworker Lavonne Scheevel; Sapphire Slight modeled the flower girl dress she will wear to her parents’ wedding; Tiffany Weinacht wore Sauers’ dress; and Kayla Reinhart modeled Judy Johnson’s dress.

Some young ladies also dressed in First Communion dresses. They included Cass Nelson (granddaughter of Helen Farnsworth) wearing Amy Kapler’s dress, Lexus Kapler (great-granddaughter of Cecelia Kapler) and Cassie Sobolik in their own dresses. Skye Meineke wore Maureen Reinhart’s dress.

Before and after the fashion show, visitors could view all the pictures and dresses around the room. Many residents told of their weddings from years ago.

The wedding program was such a hit, it will definitely become an annual celebration at Cresco Care.


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