Will there be sweet corn for 2013 Sweet Corn Days

By Marcie Klomp

That is the question plaguing members of Lime Springs Community Club. Although there are other events and free items to bring people to town for Sweet Corn Days Aug. 9-11, the free sweet corn has always been a big draw. With the late planting season and rainy weather, it is unclear if sweet corn will be available.

Barb Robinson commented she and husband Jerry will be calling around the tri-state area to make it happen.

Wondering about corn was the down side of the June 17 meeting, which was held in Brown Park. The up side was the dessert of strawberries and ice cream served by Walter McIntosh and Betty and Bernard Roesler.

Being at the park, it was convenient for the group to see what tree secretary Marcie Klomp was referring to when she said one of the trees cut down (but not completely) last year could be cut into an ear of corn shape by a chainsaw artist. Members voted to use matching funds from C US Bank from Sweet Corn Days to help pay for the work. Klomp was authorized to chair the project. The City will need to give its okay for the project.

The group decided matching funds for the above project would come from T-shirt and souvenir button sales. The pins will be purchased from local vendor Kris McNamara and will sell for $5.00 each. The last time commemorative buttons were sold was in 2007, the 25th anniversary of Sweet Corn Days.

Visitors have commented in the past that yearly souvenir buttons would be a great item to take home. Some people get yearly T-shirts, and others would rather have a different keepsake.

Curt Tienter, who has taken over chairmanship of the flea market commented that same as past years, there would be no for-profit vendors in the beer garden. Non-profits, such as the pool and Community Club will continue to have their stands inside the fence.

Porta potties at the ball field will be paid for out of Community Club funds. This will allow Dustin Kraft to give a 100 percent payback for those playing. A handicap pottie will be rented this year.

Also, anyone wanting porta potties for personal use will need to pay for them in advance.

The five entities (fire department, library, community center, pool and parks) will again have the food stand at the ball field. Chairman Jill Johnson noted, “We are going to put together a ‘wish list’ of items people can donate before Sweet Corn Days.”

Members of the five entities committee will help find workers for the various events. She needs to know what other groups need time schedules made up as the old schedules were lost when the computer at Lime Springs Feed & Equipment crashed.

Those wanting to camp for the weekend will be asked to pay a fee yet to be determined.

Entertainment for the weekend includes the talent show with Pam Burnikel in charge again from 7:00-9:00 on Friday and Saturday nights. Friday night 9:00-1:00 will be Uncle Frank and the Kids from the LeRoy/Grand Meadow area. Saturday night’s street dance will feature Next 2 Nothing. The band is a little more expensive, but members will change costumes throughout the evening. Curt and Linda Gjere will perform at Brown Park on Sunday.

The Community Club’s ear of corn float (made out of painted gallon milk jugs) continues to deteriorate year after year. Johnson looked into prices for getting one made out of fiberglass. The representative she talked to already had a corn mold that stood just 11 ft. tall and cost $5,000. She will continue looking for alternatives.

• In other business, chairman Bernard Roesler said the Farmers Market has two solid vendors, which is double of how many showed up last year. Betty commented shoppers are anxiously waiting for the fresh produce.

• St. Paul’s Church wants to add their own sign to the directional signs already up near Brown Park. Pastor Maureen Hagen offered to re-set the sign post if the church could be added. Members agreed.

• Net income for the Salad Luncheon was a little over $250. The Swimming Pool Benefit Omelet Breakfast had a profit of over $2,500.

• Many of those who had garage sales on Buckwheat Pancake Day had successful sales.

• Lisa Smith got flowers for the Junior Club to plant in the pots. Butch Burnikel has been looking at other towns to see what and how they plant flowers. There are still plenty of spaces left to volunteer to water plants over the summer.

The next meeting will be July 15, when Kareen Johnson will bring treats.


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